I Know I'm No Brad Pitt But I Refuse To Date Ugly Women

A man stated that he is uninterested in women he considers unattractive and refuses to accept anything less than what he perceives as the best. He is willing to remain single for an extended period of time to maintain these standards.

Kevin, a 42-year-old machinist from Methil, Fife, describes his exacting criteria as a "lifestyle choice" and asserts that many other men share his viewpoint.

His ideal partner is a woman with lengthy hair, which he prefers to see styled in a down-do, and who possesses both physical attractiveness and a generously proportioned bust.

"I'm not saying I'm Brad Pitt but I know I can pull reasonable women," he told the media.

"It does make it harder to find someone if you're only going for the high-end appearance."

The TikToker, primarily known for posting content about his pet Boerboel named Blade, has experienced periods of singleness over the past three years, although he has been involved in a long-term romantic relationship in the past.

In 2022, the machinist had a romantic relationship with someone he had met on a social media platform, but the chemistry between them fizzled out quickly.

Kevin acknowledges that there is intense competition for attractive women, but he maintains that he cannot compromise on his standards and accept anything less than what he perceives as the best.

The influencer clarified that he is unable to meet women through traditional avenues such as going for a drink at a pub or a bar because he has abstained from consuming alcohol for several years.

Furthermore, he is even more dissatisfied with dating apps.

The enthusiast of canines contends that numerous prospective matches do not respond, and those who do are not as physically attractive as he desires.

Despite the challenges he faces, Kevin affirms that he is not willing to lower his standards.

The TikToker shares his content on the account @boerboelblade2, where he boasts over 25,000 followers and has amassed approximately 269,500 likes.

In a video lasting five minutes, which has attracted over 10,900 views, Kevin talks about his turn-offs, revealing that he is not fond of women who are excessively vocal during intimate moments and those who only respond to his messages, among other things.

One of these factors relates to women who do not meet his physical standards.

Unsurprisingly, many commenters were unimpressed with Kevin's set of criteria.

"And that's why you are single," one person wrote.

"Jeezus Christ you done yet," a second said.

Another person said: "I thought your video was never going to end."