I Knew It, I'm Surrounded By A**holes (36 Photos)


Imagine bringing a computer to the cinema and turning it on or threatening your boyfriend with reporting him for domestic violence just because he won't get you pizza.

You might think these scenarios are far-fetched, but you would be surprised to find out that there are worse cases of humans being a**holes.

We compiled 36 photos showing some of the most unbelievably unthoughtful things people do.

1. Hiding In Plain Sight

2. If They Left The Campsite This Way, Their Homes Must Be Dumpsites

3. Wrong Delivery

4. Can't Believe People Do This

5. Bad Neighbor

6. Messy Gym

7. People Who Do This Should Never Be On Public Transport

8. The Audacity

So tipping is a must?

9. Unapologetically Tow It

10. Probably Blind

11. Really?

12. The Gift You Never Should Have Given

13. Inconsiderate Neighbors

14. Mannerless Shoppers

15. This Is A Step Too Far

16. She Has To Be Drunk

17. Habitual Thief

18. People Don't Listen

19. Creative Flaws

20. A Red Flag You Should Flee From

21. Wasteful Folks

22. Inconsiderate People Make Inconsiderate Parents Who Raise Inconsiderate Kids

23. She Didn't Want To

24. Fair Warning

25. When Kids Have More Decency Than Adults

26. Those Toes Had Better Be Clean

27. Bad Idea

28. Served Her Right

29. Faking Being Hit

30. There Is No Way That Was Unintentional

31. We Know Kids Will Always Be Kids But This Kid...

32. He Got Served

33. You Had Only One Job And Failed

34. Curiosity That Shouldn't Have Been Satiated

35. You Saw Him... You Clearly Did

And filming an accident when you should have rendered assistance is typical of this social media-hypnotized world.

36. A Debt He Could Have Avoided