I Just Want To Be Very Quiet - 5 Signs You're A Highly Sensitive Person

I Just Want To Be Very Quiet – 5 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

Do people often tell you that you're 'so sensitive'? Maybe they say that you take things too seriously, or that you're looking into something too much.

Well, I'm here to tell you that there's nothing wrong with being a highly sensitive person. Whether we're empaths that sense what others are feeling, or we just feel everything super intensely, being sensitive can be a superpower. It's just that the world isn't necessarily made for us.


Let's take a look at 5 signs that you're a highly sensitive person:

1. You Like Alone Time

If you're a sensitive soul, you enjoy time to yourself. This doesn't mean that you aren't a fan of other people, just that you need recharging time. Spending some time watching your favorite series or pursuing hobbies gives you the time you need to face the world again. If you find yourself enjoying time alone, then you could be a highly sensitive person.


2. People See Your Kindness As Weakness

Do you remember that Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney song Four Five Seconds? In it, they say, 'all of my kindness, is taken for weakness', which is common for highly sensitive people.

As a society, we don't always value vulnerability. Showing emotion can make people think you're weak. We also live in a sexist society that often sees 'feminine' emotions as frivolous.


If you find people taking advantage of your sensitivity, then you're probably a highly sensitive person.

3. You're Easily Overwhelmed

Since highly sensitive people enjoy alone time, they can be easily overwhelmed in large groups. This could be due to sensory overload with lots of energy and sounds to manage.

Similar to introverts, highly sensitive people need to take time alone and recharge after social activities. It can be draining to experience the world when you're highly sensitive.


4. Everyone Comes To You

Of course, because of your sensitivity, you're often in tune with everyone around you. This can mean that everyone in your life comes to you when they need something. Sensitive people make great listeners as they're aware of hurting people's feelings and the importance of being non-judgemental.

Learn to say 'no' if you're a highly sensitive person, or you'll be drained by those around you. It's great that you're empathetic and compassionate, but being highly sensitive can take its toll.


5. You Hate Violence

Unsurprisingly, highly sensitive people cannot tolerate violence. It can feel like they are experiencing everything themselves, so they need to stay away from disturbing images.

Some highly sensitive people can't stand horror films, and others hate violent video games. As peaceful people, highly sensitive people like to stay away from material that could upset them.


So - are you a highly sensitive person? If so, remember to take care of yourself too. Be as sensitive towards yourself as you are everyone else.