I Hope You're Okay!

I Hope You’re Okay!

If you're highly sensitive, you can always rely on people who are just as amazing as you, like yours truly. At least, until you learn how to control those incredible, troubling emotions.

There's so much going on, and it seems as if you need this world to stop spinning. That's not happening, just as you won't change because someone told you to. You're a beautiful human being, but you do need the right kind of people around you.


Here's the deal: the more you try to act tough, the harder it is for you to control your feelings. That's because you're not weak, but you do have a highly sensual nature. People who love you can help, but you need to learn to be less emotionally invested because that's your only real issue.


It's a sad world, where we don't respect feelings, but your sensual friends can understand that. However, to make their lives easier, try to keep things civil, and allow them to enjoy harmony. We aren't wired the same way, and instead of trying to change them, either walk away or be glad that you have someone so exquisite in your life.


There's a science behind your highly sensitive nature. Flashing lights, loud music, crowds, they are all causing you to feel overwhelmed. So, yes, you're perfectly healthy, just made for more serene places.

The quiet ones

"Enjoy the silence" is an anthem for people with sensitive souls. It's not that they don't want to talk, but they most certainly do not want any arguments. Again, it's not a sign of weakness; instead, their emphatic nature doesn't allow them to stand their ground.


You know that feeling: you can't defend yourself, but you can move mountains for others. Yes, that's the issue with having a beautiful, almost painfully emphatic soul, and you shouldn't fight it. Embrace it, you're making this world a better place.

Fantastic listeners

Highly empathic, sensual individuals are the ones you want to talk to, whenever you have doubts. They listen, and they understand, not just nod. It's because they can translate your feelings as if they were their own.


But, for a sensitive person, this is a real burden. That's why you need more positivity, more light, and family and friends who will understand that you're unique. You're like a sponge, and people can abuse it, but you won't let them. You shouldn't let others destroy and drain you, merely because you feel more intensely than the majority of the population.

Highly intuitive

What others can't fully understand is how it is that some people have such a strong gut feeling. They are in tune with their emotions, and that's why you should appreciate highly sensitive people in your life.


If you're one of the highly intuitive people, you know that it's not easy going through life with that familiar feeling in your stomach. It's as if you can predict events, but that doesn't scare you. Yet, it's such a burden. Don't be hard on yourself, you have a gift, so accept it and learn to love it.

Tears are valid

You're watching a movie with your best friend, and suddenly your best friend starts crying. It's easy to mock them, but did you stop to wonder why are they are responding that way? The answer is quite simple: because that's who they are!


In some situations, you should learn to control your emotions, but you need a good cry. And you need the world to understand that you're not whiny, spoiled, or depressed. You are solely releasing the bottled up emotions. It's healthy, and you're not hurting anyone.

I promise you that being a highly sensitive person comes with rewards. From creativity to the ability to have sympathy and appreciate life in a sense others can't. You're not alone, and all you need is optimistic people around you—the ones who will understand you and love you for being their little weirdo.


People can be cruel. You are not, and you don't have to be.