I Have To Heal Before I Can Love Again

I Have To Heal Before I Can Love Again

I wish that I could mend everything that people broke in you. If it were within my power, the people who came into your life and left your heart with gaping wounds would be erased from your mind forever.

How I wish I could turn back time and undo all the painful memories you have been through. If it were within my power, I would dive into your heart and come out with all the bad things those who hurt you left behind.

All I Wish Is That I Could Get Things Back To The Way They Were

Yes, to when your heart was pure and full of love.

I would wish to take you back to the time when you had as much love as bravery.

Now you are a mess, and you are not even sure who you are in your chaos. I wish I could show you the love you have been missing all through. A love that comes from deep within your soul.

And bear with me, I understand that no person can tell another what to feel, what or who to love, or the kind of feelings to have.

The world is the way you see it. Even if the entire world says one thing, what you believe is what you see, not what the world is showing you.

You Can't Fight Love. It Is Far Too Powerful

Unfortunately, it is also a battle you have to fight on your own.

I am also healing, so I know. I continue working on myself, and I am trying my best to reach as deep as possible and find that innocent love my heart once had when it was whole and unbroken.

The wounds inside my heart haven't healed, but I'm getting there. I will learn to trust again and love again.

I wish I did not lose myself, but as they say, wishes are horses. And in love, we can all be beggars.

How I wish my life was simple, this complicated mess I am dealing with is an unending source of pain.

The broken pieces in me hold me back. Nothing makes much sense now, and yet I feel the urge to forge a path that leads me to my destination.

I Am Cautious. To Be Honest, I Am A Little Timid

See, honey, the heart is not easily changed. You cannot force it into submission. You cannot tell it to stop loving because you know it's over.

Just like you, I feel the pain deeply and profoundly, with every beat of my heart.

I'll leave you with a lesson I have learned in this painful and lesson-filled journey. Heal yourself first, and the rest will fall into place. I know this because I can finally feel that I am digging myself out of the hole my misfortunes with love have left me in.

Once I am fully healed, I will love again with all my heart, like I would have never suffered heartbreak in my life. That day will come for you as well. Take heart.