I Have Never Met A Great Guy On A Dating App But I Can Not Seem To Stop Looking

The dating app dilemma is a never-ending cycle. While I despise using them, I keep resorting to dating apps because I'm not finding anyone naturally. It's a depressing dating world out there, and I'm not sure what to do.

1. They're Totally Addictive

Dating apps can be just as addicting as social media platforms like Instagram. I find myself constantly checking them without even realizing it. Even though I only use one, I can't help but wonder if there's someone else out there I could be missing out on.

2. They're An Easy Distraction

Using dating apps feels like playing a game, but with hearts instead of points. It's a massive waste of time, and I can't afford to waste any more time. Yet, I still find myself returning to them again and again.

3. I Manage To Remain Hopeful

Despite my jaded outlook on dating, I remain cautiously optimistic. A part of me knows it's a fruitless endeavor, but the other part, the hopeless romantic, still believes that something might work out. I keep telling myself I'll give it one more shot.

4. I Don't Know How Else To Find New Guys

I live in a bustling city, but I hardly ever meet new people. My social circle has become too small, and I don't go out much. I try to quit using dating apps, but after a while of not meeting anyone new, I get discouraged and return to them. It's an endless cycle, but I don't know what else to do. Meeting someone I actually like is such a challenge.

5. I'm Looking For Something Very Specific

Without immediate cross-examination, finding what I'm looking for organically is difficult. The upside of dating apps is that I can read a guy's profile to see if we have any compatibility first. This helps weed out cute but basic guys.

6. It's Commitment-free

While I dislike how impersonal dating apps are, I don't have to commit to anything I don't want. It's difficult to get a real sense of someone's personality, but talking beforehand can help me figure out if someone is not worth the time. With a busy schedule, I don't have free time for terrible dates.

7. I Like Knowing Certain Things About A Guy Right Away

I'm not one for romantic small talk; I want to know if a deal breaker exists immediately. Dating apps are not natural, but I need crucial information before proceeding. This method may not be romantic, but it saves time for everyone involved.

8. The Pictures Are Entertaining

I'll admit to having a large folder of horrible dating profile pictures collected and shared with friends for amusement. Some of these guys deserve it with the ridiculous crap they put up. Sometimes I wonder if they still get matches.

9. I'm Very Cynical, But Yet…

Online messages aren't a great way to meet my soulmate since most compatible guys don't even respond. However, it's not like guys are falling all over themselves to ask me out, so I don't have much choice. It can't hurt to try.

10. It's Free

I don't think it's worth using a paid service since I can't commit that much time and energy to finding someone online. As long as it's free, I won't feel any stress or pressure. Whether I use it or not, it doesn't matter to me.

11. I Like The Temporary Ego Boost

Men aren't approaching me in public and making advances, but using apps gives me a sense that I am still desirable to them. I believe many people utilize these apps for this purpose, as it boosts their self-esteem without having to put in the effort of dressing up and going out to receive compliments. I can feel beautiful even while lounging on my couch in comfortable clothing.

12. It Makes Me Feel Like At Least Someone Out There Is Interested

It's hard for me to meet people in person since I am kind of shy and don't think guys I like will be interested in me. Nice guys don't want to come across as creepy, so they don't approach girls anymore. No one talks to each other, and I feel like it's hopeless.

13. It's A Fun Topic Of Discussion With Friends

It's sad but true that most of my single friends are also using dating apps. We've even been approached by the same guys. It's become a topic of conversation for us when we go out for brunch or drinks. We bond over our unpleasant experiences.

14. I Like To Know What's Out There

Dating apps at least give me an idea of who's out there, single, and looking. I have no clue who is available or who I might like in my daily life. It's tough to figure out if someone is single, taken, or not interested. Even though I don't enjoy using them, I don't know what else to do but continue.