I Have High-functioning Anxiety — Here’s What You Should Know About It

High-Functioning anxiety is an anxiety level that is less noticeable because we tend to act normally with these conditions. A person with such kind of tension will tend to be successful in controlling their lives, and sometimes even better than individuals without this state.

This situation isn’t a mental health disorder but a legitimate experience. And it’s associated with the following characteristics:

1. High-Functioning Anxiety Motivates Us Instead Of Being Lazy

It’s a common situation for persons with anxiety to feel less motivated to fulfill daily responsibilities. However, high-functioning anxiety will propel our decisions to accomplish what needs to be done.

It can either motivate us to do a good or a bad thing. It’ll make us active and productive in everything we do instead of being frozen in fear.

2. This Condition Is Hard To Notice

Since it’s high-functioning, it’ll be hard for us to identify when we’re experiencing this condition. It makes us feel like we’re always organized and consistently on time.

It’s undetectable because it’ll make us grip tight on our lives. And only a person who has had such a condition in the past is able to make us aware of our situation.

3. High-Functioning Anxiety Has Both Positives And Negatives

People with high-functioning anxiety are known to be the most successful individuals in life because they have their green light on. You’re always aware of the world around you and have proficiency in doing things.

The condition makes you a perfectionist. However, it can make you hate yourself.

4. It Makes A Person To Be Always Obsessing On Something

In my experience, high-functioning anxiety gives me relentless obsession. I might start thinking of what is wrong with me, about the world, what people think about me, and more.

My mind spins over endless possibilities, and it’ll leave me exhausted. I’ll always accomplish less at such a moment.

5. We Always Imagine The Worst Scenario

Doomsday feelings are our best friends. We’re always thinking about the worst thing happening in our lives, making us freak out.

For instance, a thought can hit you that you’re about to get fired from your job or someone we care about is going to have an accident. But we always hide this feeling from the people around us.

6. We’re Our Own Worst Critics

This condition can motivate us to become the best versions of ourselves. And sometimes the expectations are unrealistic, making us fail.

It’ll even convince us that we aren’t good enough no matter how hard we try. It’ll rip everything apart when we try doing something important. Also, we’ll never feel content with what we have.

7. Partying Will Always Trigger Our Anxiety

A party should be fun as we meet new people and friends. But to a person with high-functioning anxiety, it’ll be a nightmare. This is so especially if we don’t know many people at the party.

We end up freaking out about how people will see us or of meeting new people. We end up hiding away from the crowd.

8. We Seam Put-Up-Together Yet We’re Freaking In The Inside

Other people see us as well-organized, engaged, and successful. But we’re freaking out on the things around us.

If a person looks closer in our body language, you can notice our shaking and abnormal breathing. This is the sneaky anxiety in us.

9. Many People Are Struggling With High-Functioning Anxiety

According to a recent study, anxiety is affecting over 40 million adults every year in America. Although the research isn’t clear on which anxiety type, I bet many people fall under the high-functioning anxiety sub-category.

10. It Can Have Physical Symptoms

High-functioning anxiety can affect your physical body. For instance, it can cause nausea, shaking, diarrhea and sweating.

11. Different People Have Different Symptoms

This anxiety can manifest in different ways. For me, it gives me rapid heartbeats. But to some people, it causes insomnia, dizziness, and fiddling.