I Have Been Single For So Long, I Am Scared To Look For Love Again

As time goes on, I've been single for a while now, and the less optimistic I feel about finding love. The idea of putting myself out there is daunting, as I'd rather maintain my comfortable routine and live my life in peace than risk the disappointment, rejection, and heartbreak that comes with searching for love. Truthfully, I'm not even sure how to find love anymore and the thought of trying scares me.


1. I've Forgotten How To Flirt (If I Ever Knew At All)

Despite considering myself a confident woman, whenever I attempt to flirt, I lose all of my confidence in an instant. I hardly ever try to flirt, but when I do, I fail miserably. I get all awkward and blush like a middle schooler, and it's pretty humiliating. I can't even speak to a guy; how am I supposed to find love?


2. I've Forgotten How To Date

Even if I were able to make it to the point of going out on a date with someone, I'm not certain it would make a difference. I'm uncomfortable on dates and feel entirely out of my element. Like anything else, it gets better with practice... but I haven't had any practice in so long that my skills are woefully out of shape. I'm so terrible on dates that I'm afraid to even attempt to go on one.


3. I Don't Know How To Meet Guys In The First Place

When I was younger, meeting guys wasn't something I had to worry about so much. I would often meet them at school, clubs, work or social events. Nowadays, however, I find myself single AF and everyone I know seems to be in a serious relationship. I get too nervous to talk to guys in places like the gym, which is usually where I would go to meet them.


4. I'm Naturally Antisocial Anyway

To make matters worse, I would much rather stay at home on my couch than go out. I know that finding love requires effort, but I'm scared. I'm very shy and don't do well in big groups when it comes to meeting men. It's much easier to stick to what I know than to venture out of my comfort zone.

5. I'm Lazy About Dating

Even when I have an opportunity to go out on a date, I'll make up a million excuses not to do it. My fear of meeting someone new is stronger than my desire to find a partner. I don't want to put in the effort and put myself out there, only to find out that we're not compatible or that he bores me to death. It feels like a waste of time.


6. I Don't Like Dealing With The BS That Comes Along With Love

To be honest, I want to have my cake and eat it too. I desire love, but I'm hesitant to commit to the effort and sacrifice a relationship requires. I'm concerned that if I do find love again, it won't be as wonderful as I hoped, and I'll regret giving up my single status. It's simpler to stick with what I'm familiar with.


7. I'm Terrified Of Opening Up

I've been in my comfort zone for so long that I'm hesitant to leave it. I appreciate my privacy and not having to show my flaws and weaknesses to anyone. It's easier to navigate my life when I maintain an emotional distance from others. Pursuing love means I must open up to a man and risk him not accepting me for who I am.

8. I'm Super Settled In My Way Of Life

I'm afraid of finding love and disrupting my current lifestyle. As a single woman, I've grown accustomed to my routines. I cherish the independence and ability to make spontaneous decisions without impacting anyone else. If I seek love, I'll lose some of that freedom (or at least a significant part of it).


9. I Hate Rejection

The most significant reason for avoiding the pursuit of love? My fear of rejection. It's more difficult to put myself out there and face rejection than to do nothing at all. I don't have to feel bad about myself when I'm comfortably single. Even if it's not personal, being rejected by a man is tough to handle. It's already challenging enough to put myself out there in the first place.


10. I'm Afraid Of Being Seriously Hurt

Following a breakup, I tend to remain single for extended periods due to the significant impact it has on me. It takes a considerable amount of time for me to get over my ex-partner, and once I do, I prefer to bask in my newfound happiness. I usually avoid entering a new relationship, even when I feel lonely, out of fear of getting hurt again.


11. I Don't Feel Like I Can Get The Guys I Want

Although I know precisely what I'm searching for in a partner, I'm unsure how to go about finding it. I am attracted to strong, confident, ambitious, and intelligent men. However, whenever I encounter someone who possesses these qualities, I feel inferior. I tend to flee in terror, despite knowing precisely what I want.


12. I Secretly Hope The Right Guy Will Just Fall Into My Lap Like Magic

It would be lovely if my perfect match showed up and eliminated my fear of love by accepting me just as I am. Unfortunately, such magic doesn't exist in reality, and dating can be extremely challenging. I long for a simple relationship with someone who can help me overcome my apprehensions and prevent me from sabotaging our chances.


13. I Don't Remember How To Be In A Relationship

After being single for so long, I've become accustomed to having no one else in my life. Besides, I haven't been very successful with past relationships. I lack confidence in my ability to navigate love and relationships and fear making the wrong choices. As a result, I feel there is no point in looking for love.