I Hate Online Dating So How Am I Supposed To Meet Anyone?

Despite trying out all available dating apps, I am still single with no signs of finding my Mr. Right. Instead, my experiences have been filled with stories of being ghosted, stood up, and even having a guy flee the bill. Although I know some couples who have had the happily ever after ending from online dating, that hasn't been my case. I've come to the realization that online dating just isn't for me. However, in this day and age, how else am I supposed to meet anyone?

1. Everyone Is Glued To Their Phones

Whenever I am in a public space, I tend to glance around to see if there are any attractive singles around. If I spot one, I'll brighten up and try to make eye contact to see if there's a spark. Sadly, I never get to find out if there's a connection or not because the person I'm looking at is too engrossed in their phone to even acknowledge my presence. It's getting harder to even make eye contact with anyone these days.

2. Online Dating Gives People Too Many Options Of Who To Date

It can be challenging to maintain a guy's interest even if I attract their attention in person because they may be using dating apps. They have the option to return home after our date and endlessly swipe through countless profiles until they find someone better. Standing out in an endless sea of Tinder profiles is a daunting task.

3. People Have Lost Their Attention Spans

Finding someone who can be present in the moment is difficult when the next best option is just a swipe away. I can meet someone and feel that they're amazing, but before we even get to the second or third date, they are easily distracted by other potential options. They can't seem to concentrate on me, as they're always wondering what else is out there.

4. I Want Human Contact

To me, it's important to have personal contact with someone, such as hearing their voice and feeling their warmth when we hug. I don't think I can really get to know someone through a few pictures and a short bio on a dating app. It seems like as more people use these apps, the less human interaction I have. Sometimes I'll text with someone for days, but we never actually meet in person.

5. I'm Not A Big Texter

I know I'm a catch in person, but I'm not the best at texting. Nowadays, everyone tries to come up with the most clever texts and emojis to impress someone. But that's not my thing, and I'd rather meet someone in person and let them see my real personality. I find it more charming to show my wit and humor in person than trying to do it through texts.

6. I Don't Go Out To Bars Often

In the past, I frequented social outings more often, but recently, the thought of going out for a drink with the intention of meeting someone feels draining and unenjoyable. During my recent girls' night outs, my friends and I were taken aback. Being a single woman in the dating scene has changed, and not for the better. It's uncommon for anyone to offer to buy us drinks, and to our surprise, many men are preoccupied swiping on dating apps even while surrounded by single women at a bar.

7. No One Sets Anyone Up Anymore

Even my friends who are in relationships and have single guy friends have never tried to set me up with someone. No one has ever said to me, "Hey, you're single. My boyfriend has a great friend you should meet." It seems like everyone has given up on trying to matchmake for their loved ones and have left it to dating apps to do the work.

8. I Want Romance

Personally, online dating seems lacking in romance to me. I've always imagined falling in love at first sight, not at first swipe. It's hard for me to give in to the idea of online dating when I've been dreaming of meeting someone in a different way my entire life.

9. I Don't Want To Waste My Time

After numerous online dating experiences, there have been a handful of good and decent dates, but only after going through a lot of terrible ones. Meeting someone in person for the first time allows me to get to know them a little before committing to a date. Plus, there's no chance of them being deceitful and not looking like their profile picture since they're right in front of me.

10. I'm In The In-Between Age

At 31, I'm not young enough to casually date with no expectations, but also not old enough to be comfortable with the fact that most of my peers are already in relationships or married. I find it difficult to meet someone in person because I feel like men are assuming that I want something serious and am ready to settle down. While I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for, I don't think I'll find it through online dating.