I Had A Professional Photoshoot After A Bad Breakup And It Was A Lifesaver 

Typically, when I experience a breakup, the thought of indulging in something pleasant is the least of my concerns. My inclination is to laze around and feel miserable about various aspects of life, even if it means taking the blame for the failed relationship. Despite knowing that such behavior does no good, I still find myself resorting to it. Nevertheless, this time, I chose to experiment with an alternative approach and booked a professional photo session, which brought about a transformative effect.

1. I Wasn't Going To Feel Bad About What Happened

The man who ended our relationship left me brokenhearted and feeling hopeless about my future. However, during one evening as I lay in bed, tears streaming down my face and my eyes sore, I had an epiphany - I was finished with self-pity. How many men had I shed tears over in the past who had not once shown any emotion for me? I had reached my limit with this behavior.

2. I Needed Something Positive

In order for me to progress and start feeling enthusiastic about the future, I understood that I needed something positive to drive me forward. Unsure of what that might be, a friend of mine offered a fantastic suggestion - to have a professional photo session. Initially, I couldn't comprehend its value, thinking it to be an expenditure of time and money, and didn't see how it could aid in my healing process post-breakup. Despite my reservations, my friend assured me it was worthwhile and convinced me to give it a try. I decided to trust her, and since I didn't have any other fun plans, I figured I had nothing to lose, except for a bit of money.

3. I Was So Anxious On The Day Of The Shoot

I decided to transform myself into a pin-up girl and revel in the experience. Though it might have seemed frivolous, my friend advised me that visualizing the image I wanted to convey could help me concentrate on a goal. Initially, I felt foolish, but my photographer was fantastic, and she made me feel at ease. Gradually, I began to relax after a few clicks, which was surprising since I'm usually one to avoid being photographed. The shoot had a strange effect on me; it made me want to stand tall and capture incredible shots. My friend was right - the photo session was an excellent way to boost my self-esteem!

4. I Got A Lot More Than Confidence Out Of The Deal

The photo session also instilled a sense of value within me, making me believe that I was deserving of being photographed and feeling incredible. I had a blast during the shoot, and it significantly improved my outlook on life and self-esteem. Although I was searching for something positive to uplift my spirits and make me excited about the future, I never expected that a professional photo session would be the source of it all. It was empowering beyond measure.

5. I Motivated Myself

Instead of depending on external factors (or individuals) to inspire me to move on from the devastating breakup, which was my typical approach, I recognized that I possessed the ability to do so independently. I deserved to be happy, and I was entitled to a promising future. Additionally, when I viewed the images that represented the best version of myself, I felt stunning.

6. When I Looked At Those Pictures, Something Within Me Shifted

It was effortless to succumb to the trap of questioning, "Why me?" when the relationship terminated. However, when I perused the photographs of myself, in which I appeared vibrant and overjoyed, it helped me to push those sentiments aside. As a single woman, I could, for the first time, concentrate on something much better than my previous relationship. I was finished crying over worthless individuals!

7. Every Woman Should Have A Photoshoot

Although capturing selfies can be amusing, and you may be a selfie enthusiast with no intention of altering your behavior, the act of taking routine selfies cannot compare to the experience of having a professional photo session with ideal lighting and guidance from a seasoned expert. The outcome that the professional photographer achieved was incomparable, and I will treasure those photos for eternity.