I Got Over My Cheating Ex Quickly And Painlessly By Focusing On These Things

Although I believed our feelings were mutual, he betrayed my trust by cheating on me, and his words held no weight. Despite anticipating intense emotional pain, I surprisingly felt a desire to move forward and leave him in the past. Therefore, here are the reasons why the end of our relationship did not shatter me:

1. Breakups don't come standard

Initially, I anticipated the breakup to be a traumatic experience, considering the fact that my significant other and I had been together for three years. However, I soon realized that not every separation has to be devastating, particularly when the person who caused the heartbreak was an unfaithful and unpleasant individual.

2. It was totally out of my control

If the breakup was due to my own actions or if it was the result of us going in different directions in life, I would have felt much more emotional distress. However, this particular individual chose to betray my trust and caused the end of our relationship. Therefore, I saw no reason why I should bear the weight of his wrongdoing. Absolutely not.

3. I was depressed…but not because of him

I don't want to give the impression that I didn't face any difficulties after the breakup. I experienced a period of depression, but it was more about the realization of how much time I had invested in the relationship and how it had caused me to lose my sense of self. It wasn't due to missing him because, in reality, I didn't miss him at all.

4. My love turned to hate overnight

After confronting him about my suspicions of infidelity, and him admitting to it, I came to the realization that I no longer had any love left for him. Instead, I wished to erase any memory of ever being in a relationship with someone so unworthy. That's just how I am: I love with my entire being, but when I am hurt badly, that love dissipates almost instantaneously. There is no benefit to holding onto it, so why bother?

5. I knew he wasn't thinking about me

There was no reason for me to waste my time pondering over this guy or feeling sorrowful about the end of our relationship. I mean, there was no way he was thinking about me; he was too busy seeking refuge in someone else's bed. If a guy is not putting any effort into thinking about me, then I see no reason why I should be putting any effort into thinking about him. It needs to be a mutual feeling, and with this guy, it was evident that there was no such love between us.

6. I wanted to fall in love with life

Throughout our relationship, my life had been in turmoil for months due to my constant insecurity and suspicion towards him. It was a complete disaster. However, after he was out of my life, I made a conscious decision to focus on improving my life and finding happiness. It was such a relief not to be stuck in a state of constant worry, wondering if he was loyal or not. Who needs that kind of stress?

7. I was more than the hurt I'd experienced

Although I had been the victim in this situation, I was determined not to remain one. Although a negative experience had occurred, and a toxic individual had caused me harm, I knew I was much more than just a victim. I had so much potential and so much to look forward to! There was no reason for me to keep looking back at my past when my future held so much promise without him.

8. Once a cheat, always my enemy

Several months later, he had the audacity to reach out to me. He sent me a text message to "check in" and say hello. What the actual heck?! I had no desire to speak to him whatsoever, and even if I did miss him, I knew that I would never want to engage with him again. He had betrayed my trust, and that was enough to make him my adversary. It may sound cold, but that's how I operate. I deleted his number and blocked him without any hesitation.

9. I erased the good times

One of the most significant steps for me to move forward was to let go of all the good times we had shared. His infidelity had cast a shadow over all of those fond memories, and it was a struggle for me to believe that they had even been genuine. To be honest, my approach was to discard the entire relationship altogether and move on!

10. He'd taken enough — why would I give him more?

I had entrusted him with my heart, my trust, and three precious years of my life. However, he had abused my faith in him and wasted too much of my time. It was time for him to go, and I was determined to move on from the toxic relationship. To put it bluntly, he could screw off.

11. I broke up with him mentally before it happened in real life

For months, I had been harboring suspicions that he was cheating on me. I had played out the worst-case scenarios in my mind, including the possibility that he was involved with another woman (which, as it turned out, was true). I had been mentally preparing myself for a breakup for months, so when it finally happened, I was more than ready to move on. I had already gone through the motions of grieving the end of the relationship, and I was able to let go of it without looking back.

12. I'd been dating a stranger

Who was that guy, really? When we first started dating, I never imagined that he could cheat on me or become such a compulsive liar. In the end, I realized that I never really knew him or what he was truly capable of. After the breakup, I didn't feel any longing for him because he had become a stranger to me - a stranger who was so morally bankrupt that he didn't deserve any space in my mind.

13. I didn't want to pine over BS

I won't waste my time pining for something that wasn't meant to be. If I want to indulge in fantasies, I'll stick to unicorns.