I Got Excited About Him After The First Date But Then The Second Date Was Terrible — WTF?

Experiencing a disappointing first date is one thing, but it's even more disheartening to feel enthusiastic about a guy after meeting him, only to discover on the second date that he's unpleasant. Unfortunately, that's precisely what occurred in my case, and it was a genuinely unpleasant experience.

1. Our first date was almost too good to be true

The first date was fantastic! We caught up over a brief coffee, shared plenty of laughter, and for once, I thought I had met someone who could be a potential match, following a series of letdowns with men. Exiting that first date, I was on cloud nine, eagerly looking forward to seeing him again, and to my surprise, he felt the same way. It all appeared too good to be real, and unfortunately, that's exactly how it turned out.

2. First impressions are unreliable

During our initial encounter, he left an excellent first impression. He possessed all the qualities I typically seek in a partner - sweetness, charm, humor, and physical attractiveness. However, when the second date arrived, things took a turn for the worse. I witnessed a completely different side of him, and it was far from attractive.

3. He let his guard down

This guy seemed to have dropped his guard on the second date, following an impressive first impression. He was overly talkative, told crude and sexual jokes, and gave off an odd vibe. It was difficult to believe that this was the same person from our initial meeting. What happened to the cool guy from the first date?

4. We weren't a good match

Initially, I believed we were compatible, but I was mistaken. He exhibited indications that we weren't a good match at all, and I regret not noticing them during our first encounter. Perhaps, my eagerness to meet someone intriguing caused me to miss some critical signals. However, we only shared a brief coffee on our first date, which didn't provide me with ample time to get to know him (or know him at all).

5. Longer dates are better

I used to believe that keeping the first date brief, lasting no more than an hour and a half, was a wise choice to avoid awkward silences. However, this guy's behavior showed me that taking more time to get to know each other may be more beneficial. If I had spent more time with him on our first date, it may have spared me from the letdown on our second encounter.

6. First-date masks are a real problem

This guy demonstrated how people often wear a façade on the first date, attempting to appear flawless, but the mask cannot last indefinitely. From this experience, I realized that it's wiser not to become overly enthusiastic or have excessive expectations regarding anyone. Doing so can lead to unnecessary disappointment.

7. He thought we were starting a great thing

It's peculiar how two individuals can interpret the same situation differently. Following our second date, he expressed his fondness for me and his desire to meet up again. He even attempted to kiss me, but I pulled back and felt uneasy. He appeared to be oblivious to any issues and appreciated our differences. Even my rejection of his kiss didn't deter him and seemed to motivate him instead. What the heck?

8. I took time to think

The next day, I pondered whether I had treated him unfairly or too harshly. Should I give him another chance? These thoughts swirled in my head, so I concluded that I needed to take some time to determine if I genuinely wanted to provide him with another opportunity or if his positive sentiments were influencing me. Eventually, I acknowledged that I had invested enough time in him, and the sensation that we weren't suitable for each other lingered.

9. It was a harder fall than one-date wonders

Discovering that someone who appeared to have potential as a boyfriend was merely a disguised frog caused me significant pain. I had developed strong feelings for him, only to learn that he was not who he seemed to be. Nonetheless, it was a learning experience that taught me how complex individuals can be and how hasty dating can lead to misjudgment.

10. He wanted to remain friends

Upon informing him that I did not want to pursue a romantic relationship, he expressed interest in remaining friends. However, I did not share his sentiment. Each time I viewed his Facebook or Twitter account, I was reminded of how incorrect I had been about him, causing me frustration. FML.

11. I realized I'd been in love with the idea of him

My attraction to him may have been more about my longing to feel a spark with someone again, rather than genuine affection. After being single for years, the prospect of having an enjoyable date was enthralling. Perhaps I had idealized the experience, but that didn't excuse his deception about who he truly was. I learned an important lesson: never fully trust a first impression.