I Find Kissing Way More Intimate Than Sex — Here's Why

While sex may hold significance, kissing is an even more intimate and influential act in establishing a connection with your partner. Here are 10 compelling reasons to prioritize kissing over getting physical in bed (although that can also be enjoyable).

1. It Doesn't Get The Praise It Deserves

Initially, the topic of discussion is typically sex, particularly casual sex, and how enjoyable it is. Kissing, on the other hand, isn't usually given much thought. While it's often viewed as a prelude to sex, it can also be the main event on its own! Kissing is pleasurable, seductive, and associated with increased intimacy.

2. Lips Have Lots Of Nerve Endings

The lips contain nerve endings that enhance the sense of connection between you and your partner. These nerve endings stimulate the release of oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone," in the brain. That's why a deep, passionate kiss can make you feel even more intimately connected to your partner.

3. A Kiss Offers No Place To Hide

During sexual intercourse, you have the option of focusing solely on the physical sensations, without making much eye contact with your partner. With kissing, however, all the sexual chemistry is concentrated in one location. Ideally, your eyes are closed, and your attention is focused on the sensation of your lips and tongues intertwined.

4. You Have To Feel Something

Although sex can be emotionally charged, it's not always the case. On the other hand, when you lean in for a kiss, it's all about the emotions you have for that person. It's common to hear people say they would have sex with more individuals than they would kiss, and it's possible to engage in sexual activity without sharing a kiss. This just goes to show how deeply intimate kissing can be. As the saying goes, we've all seen Pretty Woman, haven't we?

5. It Tells You Everything You Need To Know

As Cher sang, "it really is all in his kiss." Kissing someone can reveal a great deal about them, including whether there's sexual chemistry between you or not. This can help you avoid the mistake of rushing into sex only to discover that you're not in sync as you had assumed.

6. It's Highly Personal

Undoubtedly, sex is personal because it involves being naked, but it can also lack personal touch. On the other hand, a kiss is almost always intimate. Consider this: when you kiss, you must ensure that you and your partner are in sync regarding the pace of the kiss, so it feels passionate and enjoyable. You also want to avoid accidentally clashing teeth. By focusing on nibbling each other's lips or incorporating other techniques, you can make the kiss even more personal and take it to the next level.

7. It's Linked To Smell And Taste

When you kiss your partner, you inhale their breath and experience the taste of their lips and tongue. This aspect enhances the intimacy of the act and emphasizes the importance of good oral hygiene. That's why it's crucial to ensure you always brush your teeth and use mouthwash before leaning in for a smooch!

8. It's Romantic

If you devote an hour to kissing rather than using it solely as a form of foreplay, you'll be immersed in affection for your partner and feel more intimately connected than ever. Kissing is undeniably romantic, reminiscent of the foot-popping kisses often seen in movies. To make kissing even more romantic, you can caress your partner's face or engage in other tender gestures during the kiss.

9. It's Linked To The Fun Stage Of Relationships

Take a trip down memory lane to when you were first getting to know your partner. There was a sense of anticipation leading up to that first kiss, which made it a thrilling time. You might have been on the lookout for signs that your partner was interested in locking lips, which was both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. By having kissing sessions with your partner, you can revisit that exciting time while also building more intimacy with them.

10. It Cuts Out A Lot Of The Drama

Kissing is an intimate act that you can enjoy with your partner without the worries of pregnancy or contracting an STD. It's an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the moment while having fun, making it a rare gem in the dating world that shouldn't be overlooked!