I Expect My Boyfriend To Text Me Daily — And No, That's Not Clingy

I believe that daily communication from my boyfriend is essential in a relationship. While some may think it's excessive, I consider it a standard practice. Here are 14 reasons why hearing from him at least once every 24 hours is crucial to me:

1. I need to know That he Is interested in more than the chase

While it's typical for guys to text frequently at the start of a relationship, why should that change once the relationship is established as committed and exclusive? It's unimpressive when guys reduce their texting efforts to one-word responses or uninteresting messages every few days. I require more than that; I want a guy who remains interested in me even after winning my heart.

2. It shows me he wants to talk to me

When the guy I'm dating puts in the effort to text me every day, it demonstrates his enthusiasm for conversing with me. As communication is critical to the success of any relationship, his willingness to text is a positive indication that he is interested in me, and we may have a promising future together.

3. It shows me he misses me

Even if we can't see each other every day, texting is essential for maintaining our connection. It indicates that he misses me and desires to communicate with me whenever possible. This is significant because if he didn't text me, it would imply that he can do without me in his life.

4. I want to be a part of his daily life

In a committed relationship, it's crucial to make daily efforts to sustain it. I don't want to be just his weekend girlfriend but rather a part of his daily life, even when he's busy, stressed out, or irritable. If he doesn't text me, I feel undervalued because it seems like he's excluding me from his life.

5. It shows he has fun with me

I want to sense that he's texting me because he's looking forward to having an enjoyable conversation with me and that he feels positive after speaking with me. Without this, texting can appear dull or overly serious, making the relationship feel tedious in general.

6. I want intimacy

I believe that textual intimacy is one of the different types of intimacy in a relationship, and it's important to me. It's the sense of genuine closeness that can be felt with someone through texting, and it's something I require. I cannot comprehend how we could have intimacy in real life and then be distant or unresponsive to each other via text. If that were to happen, something would be amiss in the relationship.

7. I need to feel secure

When a guy doesn't text me every day, it causes me to feel insecure in the relationship. A single day of not hearing from him can easily turn into two, three, or more, leading me to believe that he can go for days without talking to me. This makes me wonder why he isn't responding to my texts or if he's still interested in me. It's not acceptable; it feels like he's not putting in genuine effort, and I won't tolerate it.

8. It shows me he's committed

If a guy truly loves me, he will desire to communicate and share things with me. At the very least, he'll put in the effort to send me a text message every day. It may sound like a lot, but it's a simple gesture that demonstrates his commitment to me and our relationship. It only takes a few seconds to send a message, letting me know that he's thinking of me, and it can brighten my entire day.

9. It builds anticipation

When we can only see each other on weekends, exchanging texts and engaging in intriguing conversations is an excellent approach to building anticipation for our real-life meeting. It's a fantastic method to maintain the spark between us.

10. It helps us learn more about each other

Despite spending a significant amount of time together, texting is a valuable tool in getting to know each other while dating. Sometimes, it's easier to confess or share personal information from behind a cell phone screen than it is in real life. Therefore, texting can be an excellent way for us to grow closer on a daily basis and determine our compatibility.

11. It's less pressure than a call but just as meaningful

A daily call for a lengthy conversation can be expensive and impractical. However, sending a text is a nice compromise that demonstrates effort and a willingness to be there for me. It also reveals that we can compromise when it comes to our communication preferences if, for instance, he doesn't like calling. The key is to meet each other halfway.

12. It shows we have the same communication style

If my partner and I both want to talk daily, it's a positive indication that we have similar communication needs. Being on the same page is crucial. I wouldn't want to be with someone who considers texting uninteresting or never wants to participate in it.

13. It shows he's not just bored or lonely

I'm not interested in dating guys who only text me when they're bored, lonely, or looking for some action. Texting should be a special way to communicate in a relationship and not just something convenient for them when they have nothing else going on.

14. It shows me I'm a priority

He doesn't need to be obsessed with his phone, but making time for daily communication with me is important so I know I'm a priority in his life. It demonstrates that regardless of his other commitments, such as a weekend trip with his friends or a hectic work schedule, he still values me and our relationship.