I Don't Speak With Half My Family—Here's Why That's Okay

The intricacies of family dynamics can be overwhelming at times. Certain individuals in my life tend to exert pressure on me, causing me to feel guilty about the choices I make, even when they are the best decisions for my well-being. As a result, I have chosen to sever ties with a portion of my family, and I am entirely satisfied with my decision. My objective is to eliminate toxic influences from my life, regardless of our familial connection, and to live a fulfilled life free from the burden of others' judgments.

1. You Don't Need Anyone Who Doesn't Need You

According to my mother's teachings, I should not feel the need to have anyone in my life who does not genuinely want me to be a part of it. Individuals who drag me down or display apathy towards me and my welfare are not worth keeping in my life, even if they happen to be members of my own family.

2. I'm Happier With A Few Family Members Who Love Me

The few family members I interact with show genuine love and concern for me. I find greater contentment in having a limited number of relatives who support me rather than a vast family circle that hinders my growth and belittles me. Maintaining a small circle of loved ones can promote better mental well-being compared to attempting to maintain relationships with numerous individuals who are unwilling to invest the effort.

3. Letting People Go Helps You Grow

Following heartbreak or deceit, friends and family often advise individuals to move on from the offender, claiming that the individual did not deserve them in the first place. They assert that letting go will foster personal growth. However, toxic family members do not receive similar advice. Despite the popular adage that family is forever, instances exist where family relationships can be detrimental, and cutting ties becomes necessary. In cases where family members mistreat you and refuse to take responsibility for the harm they inflict, it may be best to let them go.

4. My Friends Are My Family Too

Friendship is a significant relationship, and at times, it can be more profound than a bond with a family member. I am fortunate to have a handful of friends who feel like sisters to me. I cherish these relationships and anticipate they will endure for a considerable time.

5. My Mental Health Has Been Better Since I Let Toxic Family Members Go

Individuals who inflict emotional distress or seek to undermine your self-worth should not be kept in your life. I refuse to allow negativity to drag me down, particularly when life already presents enough challenges. Maintaining my mental well-being requires making decisions that prioritize my health. Surrounding myself with toxic people can cause me to lose sight of who I am. I have worked too hard to become the person I am today to allow someone to make me forget my true self.

6. My Family Made Me Feel Like I Wasn't Worth Anything

Suffering through constant degradation and belittlement can have significant consequences. My experiences were characterized by constant criticism and reminders that I was inadequate, which ultimately altered my behavior. I became irritable, discontent, and blamed myself for every problem I encountered. As a child, I endured these experiences, but eventually, I realized that I did not deserve to be treated this way. So I walked away.

7. Fake Family Members Are The Worst—i'd Rather Be Lonely

We all have those family members who feign interest in our lives or who suddenly emerge after years of absence and act as though they know us intimately. I prefer to be alone than to be surrounded by individuals who pretend to care about me when, in reality, they harbor no genuine affection.

8. Once I Made The Decision To Cut Them Out, I Felt A Weight Lift Off My Shoulders

Making the decision to remove a toxic individual from your life can evoke a transformative effect. It can be challenging to cut ties and vocalize that you no longer wish to have them in your life. At first, I felt guilty and even ashamed, but once the process was complete, I experienced a profound sense of relief. I felt like a weight had been lifted, and I could finally breathe again.