I Don't Need You, I Want You — There's A Difference

I Don’t Need You, I Want You — There’s A Difference

I like to consider myself a good woman. I treat others the way that I would like to be treated, I give without expecting, and I genuinely love the people closest to me. When I invest my feelings, my heart, and my time into someone, I am straight up with how I feel and what I want. Some might consider me "needy," but if I am into someone, I show it — I don't think it's a bad thing!

I don't ignore your phone calls or texts

I'm one of those women that texts you back if I have my phone and see a text from you. I'm not playing games and making you wait around for me because I know that I'm into you, and I don't mind showing it! I'm not waiting at your beck and call, but if I see you contacting me, and I'm available ill always pick up, and if not, I'll get to you as soon as I can! I'm a mature woman, and I don't play games.

I'm thoughtful

I'm the type of woman who will make thoughtful gestures, not because I am desperate, needy, or trying to impress you, but because I just want to see you smile. I will randomly make your favorite dinner, or buy that video game you've been dying to play. I'm thinking of your happiness because I genuinely care.

I make efforts for "us" time

If I'm putting aside work, my family or social life to spend time with you, it's because I like you and want to build something with you. To truly get to know each other, spending time together is important. That's how lifelong relationships start, right?

I like to talk to you every day

When dating, I think it's a big deal whether or not we check in daily with each other. If I'm asking you how you're doing in a text message, and I don't hear from you in a week, that makes me question whether or not it matters to you that I'm in your life. I'm upfront and honest with you, and that's how relationships should work.

I'm available only because I want to be

I have a busy life, from dealing with my family and friends to my school and job, but I still move things around to include you in my life. I make a huge effort for us to spend time together and get to know each other more on a personal level. My wanting us to spend time together should never be brought up in an attempt to make me feel like I am needy. I am simply being a good woman and trying to make you feel special to me, by moving my life around for you.

This is the way that I am

Some may look at my affection as neediness, but this is simply the way that I am. I believe in caring for people and showing them without playing games. I will always treat you with kindness and if you confuse that with neediness, then maybe we just aren't meant to be. I want respect and stability in a relationship, and if you aren't ready to give that to me, you may consider me needy.

I will never put up with being taken advantage of, and I'm tired of guys who call me needy just because I show an effort in a relationship. If you can't appreciate all that a good woman has to offer, then maybe you don't deserve a good woman. Too many women get passed off as needy, while guys fail to realize their true intentions. Guys often say that they "can't find a good woman", or "what happened to all of the good women," but then they get one like myself, and pass her off because they, in reality, cannot even handle a good woman.

Good women, don't you stop being good women, and don't you allow a man to make you feel like crap just because you care. So many men out there know what a good woman is, and will be glad to take the place of those who can't see you for all you're worth!

This is what it is like to be with a good woman. They are not needy, they simply care about those they like and do not play childish games. If you have a good woman, appreciate her, don't consider her needy, and you will have a wife for life. If you don't learn to appreciate her and love her for all she is worth, don't think she is too kind-hearted to make herself unavailable to you. A good woman also knows when she's being taken advantage of, and knows what she deserves,