I Don't Need To Be Fixed, I Need To Be Loved

The suffering I've endured in my life is not attributable to you, and it's not your obligation to repair the aftermath. I'm currently addressing it, so please believe me. When I confide in you, the most unhelpful response you can offer is sympathy, as if you're required to rectify the situation. However, that's not the case. I don't need you to repair me; I simply require your love.

1. You Can Never Fix Another Person

It's essential to understand that the only individual you can make improvements to is yourself, and it's an ongoing process that may never reach a definitive conclusion. Our responsibility is to focus on our self-improvement and attempt to show more love to others from a place of healing. That's precisely what I'm striving to do. Although I may have encountered more challenging situations than you, I'm not shattered. Similar to anyone else, I'm working my way through it.


2. I'm Never Going To Be All The Way "fixed"

A relationship that is healthy acknowledges and accepts human imperfection. It may even embrace it. As a human being, I cannot expect to wake up one day completely "fixed" because we don't function that way. I am not a puzzle to be solved, but rather a heart yearning for love.

3. Love Is A Powerful Healer

The most potent remedy for our brokenness is to feel loved and accepted, even when we are at our lowest. To stand with someone in the midst of their humanity and say, "I acknowledge and accept you" is a significant act of love that can transform our entire outlook, even if it doesn't solve anything. That is all I desire from you.


4. Just Meet Me Here

Pointing out someone else's flaws and offering solutions to their problems doesn't require much courage; in fact, it can be unkind. True bravery lies in accepting me, flaws and all, and meeting me halfway. If you allow me, I will do the same for you.

5. I'll Mess Up For Sure

You are just as susceptible to making mistakes as I am, even if I have been hurt deeply. I acknowledge that anyone can make a misstep occasionally, and I hope you do too.


6. I'm Not A Charity Case

Don't believe that you are doing me a favor by being with me despite my past struggles. Although the pains I have endured may have caused some fractures within me, they have also made me stronger. I don't require your sympathy, and you don't require any credit.

7. At The End Of The Day, Love Is All Anyone Needs

Love is a fundamental part of our humanity, and I crave it just as any other person would. If you can find it in your heart to accept and love all of me, including my flaws, then perhaps we can make it work. But even if we don't, I believe that the journey of love is still a worthwhile adventure to experience.