I Don't Need Expensive Gifts, Spoil Me With Loyalty

I Don’t Need Expensive Gifts, Spoil Me With Loyalty

If you want to really spoil me, it's your attention I need.

It's not about an exquisite piece of jewelry or some other expensive gift.

Grab me and hold me high in your arms out of nowhere. Call me at the most unexpected of times to tell me how much you miss me.

Hug me from behind and kiss my neck. Listen when I speak. Let me feel your presence whether you are physically there with me or not.


Your time is the most valuable gift I can get from you.

Be the one person I can count on. The person I can always turn to when I have a tough day. The person I cannot wait to see when I have some great news. My all-time favorite.

I want to be myself around you. Knowing that you can see my good and my bad, and still hold me like you will never let me go.

Be the person that wipes away my tears, not the person who causes them.


Make me smile, enjoy my life and all the good things in it as much as I enjoy yours. Celebrate me as much as I celebrate you.

Let's forgive each other and enjoy life together.

We might argue and fight. That's ok. It happens. But in it all, let nothing come between us. What we have is stronger than any challenge we face.

Spoil me in countless small ways. A walk with you sharing an ice cream would be heavenly.


Tell me you enjoy my company that you had the time of your life when we spent time together.

Share with me your deepest thoughts and memories. What was your childhood like? What do you think of our future? Hold nothing back from me.

I want to know you are mine and mine alone.

Spoil me with loyalty. Let me know I am the most beautiful and the most important person in your life. Make me believe it.


In a world full of deceit, I want you to promise to tell me the truth. Stand by your word and I will trust you with all I have.

Don't break my heart.

I don't care about expensive gifts. Your loyalty is worth more to me. So much more.

Nice gifts come and go, their value and worth might fade, but your loyalty can only appreciate in value. And that is the best gift you can give me. It can keep me going for years.


Let me know I am all yours.

I need to feel that my hopes and dreams of our future are safe in you.

My heart wants to find peace in knowing that I am your one and only. That you are mine, and I am yours.

Respect me as I respect you. Value me as I value you.

Let your dreams and desires for me be for my own wellbeing, as mine are for you.

What I want more than precious gifts is your unwavering loyalty.


Spoil me with your loyalty, and I will be spoilt indeed.