I Don't Miss My Ex — I Just Miss These 10 Relationship Perks

Although my long-term relationship ended after three years, I don't find myself missing my ex-partner. However, I must confess that there are certain aspects of being in a relationship that I occasionally feel nostalgic for. After being single for a while, I sometimes long for the following 10 benefits that come with being in a committed relationship:

1. Having someone to listen to my rants

I miss having someone to vent to, like my ex who was always there to listen, even if he didn't feel like hearing about my bad day. When my life feels chaotic, having someone to talk me through it is something I truly miss. While I can always turn to my BFF or mom in those moments, confiding in a partner just feels more natural.

2. Having Someone There to Bail Me Out In Times of Trouble

I'm not referring to being bailed out of jail, but rather having someone on standby in case I find myself in a difficult situation. In a relationship, it's a given that if you're stranded, your partner will drop everything to come to your aid. Nowadays, I feel like I have to handle everything on my own if things go wrong. While I have roadside assistance on speed dial, I would much prefer the convenience of having a partner on standby.

3. Having someone who knows me completely

Over time, my ex became familiar with every aspect of my personality. He could detect when I was being dishonest, when I was upset, and when I needed a refill of wine before I even asked. It was comforting to have someone who knew me completely.

4. Having someone to be bored with

I reminisce about the days when I had a companion to spend a leisurely Sunday morning with. Although my ex annoyed me for 20 out of 24 hours, he was there to keep me company during those times when I had nothing else to do. Even being bored out of my mind with a partner is more engaging than being alone and staring at my four walls.

5. The high you feel from being in love

Falling in love is undoubtedly one of the most incredible emotions one can experience. The persistent butterflies and the reassurance of being loved as much as I loved my boyfriend is a sensation that is not easily found. I regret not savoring it while it lasted because now I'm left with only memories and an incessant longing to feel that way again.

6. Sex that isn't awkward

Engaging in sexual activity with a new partner always makes me nervous. I feel the pressure to appear and smell attractive, as well as perform to the best of my ability. However, while in a committed relationship, the pressure to look appealing during intimate moments fades away. I can unwind and cherish the moment with the person I love without any unnecessary anxiety.

7. Being able to give advice to my single Friends

As one of the few girls in my group with a boyfriend, I was frequently the designated person for relationship advice. I enjoyed guiding my friends through their online dating mishaps, and it made me feel proud that at least I succeeded in love and that my friends saw me as an "expert." Being in a relationship should not be an achievement, but remaining loyal to one person is not always easy. Now that my relationship is over, I am the one seeking counsel from my committed friends. It's frustrating being on the other side of things.

8. Having an Automatic Plus-One

Nothing is more disheartening than attending weddings alone, lacking a date for office holiday parties, and always being the single family member at the annual reunion. I long for the automatic plus one who would always accompany me to events, even if he despised them.

9. Having someone to make mundane tasks way more fun

Suddenly, doing laundry and grocery shopping after work did not seem as tedious as before. When in a relationship, I had a companion to assist me in running errands or cleaning the house. Tasks are completed much quicker when two people are working together than when one is working alone.

10. Feeling Safe and Secure

Being in a relationship is akin to having an unpaid bodyguard constantly watching over you. If I wanted to get inebriated in a bar, I knew he would be keeping a close eye on me. He always supported me in every circumstance, and knowing he had my best interests in mind and would defend me no matter what made me feel secure and protected. I certainly miss those times.