I Don't Do Halfway Love—If We're Not Crazy About Each Other, Let's Move On

I Don't Do Halfway Love—If We're Not Crazy About Each Other, Let's Move On

I love the idea of falling in love and dating a serious guy. I just haven't met the guy who will spark my interests. I believe that we need to be interested in each other. If that's not the case, then parting ways is the best alternative.

We need to be on the same level mentally

I think I have problems meeting men who stimulate my brain. To me, that is the most important part of my ideal relationship. I know it won't happen right away, but if it doesn't happen, then we better end it.


Emotional connection is a must

Yes, emotional connection takes time to develop, but I have a way of telling if the man is going to be emotionally connected or not. Love needs heightened intimacy, so if we can't connect, then bye.

Physical connection is a must

For our relationship to work, we need to be physically attracted to each other. You need to be crazy about me, and I need to feel the same.


We need mutual respect

I would love to date a man who respects me and I respect him. If that's not between us, then let's not waste each other's time.

I want to feel loved, secure and comfortable

I want a happy relationship where we cherish each other. I want a man who will always be there for me in tough situations, and he will also feel safe with me.


We need to show our authentic selves

I don't need to hide. My man also needs to be himself because I need to know all his facets. We should both be able to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of one another.

If there is fear, it's not going to work

We need not fear losing each other because that shouldn't happen in real love. If he feels he's not going to love me forever then we better not start the relationship.


We need to be equally excited about each other

My man needs to be as crazy about me as I'm about him. If we are super excited about each other's company, then we are going to stick together.

We need to adore each other with all the flaws

Everybody has their negative parts, and it's impossible to meet a flawless person. Real lovers still adore each other regardless of the flaws.


No room for doubt

We should be thrilled to be dating each other. We need someone who is more than happy with us. If that is not going to be the case then calling it off will do us good.

We should choose each other every day

We need to nurture our love and let it grow. I want to be with a man that I will keep choosing day in and day out, and he should do the same.


We should laugh together

If we can't laugh together in good times and cry together when the going gets tough, then we shouldn't be wasting each others' time.

I've seen this kind of love, and I know it is possible

Yes, it doesn't happen to everybody, but it can happen to many people. I've seen many couples who are madly in love with each other and their love remained the same after many years.


I don't care if it's hard to find

I won't settle for anything that comes my way if not real love. I would rather wait forever if it means finding someone crazy about me.