I Don't Care If I End Up Alone, I'll Never Be With Someone Who Does These 8 Things

I Don't Care If I End Up Alone, I'll Never Be With Someone Who Does These 8 Things

Like most women, I would like to spend my life with the love of my life. But I also know that we will not all have the fortune of meeting our soulmates. And I am okay with that because I understand the cost of spending your life with the wrong person. People settle, but not me. Here is a list of things I will never tolerate when I am with someone. I'd rather end up alone.

1. A man who discourages me

I cannot be with a man who tries to put me down whenever he can. I want a person who believes in me and encourages me to pursue my goals. I will not settle for having my dreams destroyed just to have someone by my side.

2. A manipulator who distorts my sense of reality

I know who I am. I understand that I am not perfect, but I am also smart. Therefore, if you think you can try to manipulate me to the point of driving me crazy and making me your puppet, then understand that you will have no place in my life. If that is your personality, you should get help because you are seriously troubled. I need someone who can respect me and appreciate my worth.

3. Someone who doesn't sacrifice for the relationship

I am not ready to get into a relationship where someone is very selfish and does not make an effort to keep the relationship going. I want a man who will make the relationship an important part of his life and does away with the games and fooling around once we are together.

4. An immature and narrow-minded man

When you mess up, you should apologize for your mistakes because that is the responsible thing to do. I will not tolerate a man who does not own up to his mistakes, even if that costs me the relationship and makes me end up on my own.

5. Someone who conceals their emotions

I'm sorry, but I have no time to waste around. So, if you cannot share your true emotions with me, you have no place in my life. You have to be reliable. It does not matter how hard things get. Whenever you are going through anything, I want to be the first person you talk to about it.

6. A man who constantly blames

I have no time for a man who thinks I am the reason behind all the problems he is facing in his life. The last thing I need is a man who somehow convinces himself that I am the reason behind his failures. I want a man who finds me inspiring. What I need is a man who is confident in my ability to make his life better.

7. A man who does not care about the relationship

I've seen it a thousand times, and it's pathetic — women staying with men who care more about their egos than they do about the relationship. I cannot stand for any of that.

8. A man who tries to control me and my life

I want a man who appreciates that I am my own woman. I have to make my own choices regarding certain things. Therefore, I will have no time for a man who tries to manage every aspect of my life. Just because I have let you into my life does not mean it is yours to control.