I Do Not Want To Text You, I Want To Date You

When I enter into a new relationship, texting is inevitably going to be a significant aspect of communication. It can be a great way to get to know one another and stay connected in between dates. The only issue is when it becomes the sole method of interaction, and the relationship starts to revolve around it. This is why I believe it's essential for guys to reconsider before texting me nonstop.

1. Some Guys Are Better Texters Than Talkers And I'm Over That

I encountered a problematic situation with a guy who had an excessive texting habit. He would message me throughout the day, from morning to night, and appeared to be the ideal partner... when communicating via text. He possessed a great sense of humor, always used the appropriate emoji, and displayed interest in me. However, when we met face-to-face, he was anxious and hesitant about intimacy. I do not want to experience that again. If I am going to engage in a relationship with someone, I prefer to communicate with him in person rather than over our mobile devices.

2. I Would Rather Hang Out With Him Than My Phone All Night

There's nothing more frustrating than a guy who claims he's unavailable to hang out but then sends texts throughout the night. I won't tolerate it. If he wants to talk to me, he needs to make an effort and arrange a proper plan. Whether that means meeting at a restaurant or spending time together at one of our places, it's much better than just conversing through our phones.

3. I Have A Life And He Needs One Too

Wondering if he has anything else going on or not is inevitable when he texts me throughout the day. I am not willing to spend hours texting because I have my own life, and I am looking for a guy who has one too. I do not mind checking in and asking about each other's day, but endless texting is not my thing.

4. He Should Say Important Things To My Face

Using text messages to ask someone out is a normal thing to do, even for the first, second, or third date. However, when it comes to important things, texting is not the best option. If a guy wants to express his feelings and intentions, he should do it in person. If he is unable to do so, why should we continue the relationship?

5. Texting Is A False Sense Of Connection

I used to believe that constant texting indicated a real connection and genuine interest from a guy. But when things got tough in that relationship, I realized that texting is not a reliable way to connect. If I want to feel close to him, I need to spend quality time with him, that's it.

6. Digital Distance Makes The Heart Go Fonder

Regardless of how much I like him, I'll feel overwhelmed and smothered if he wants to stay connected all the time. It's crucial to have some space and distance in our relationship, which will help me stay excited about seeing him.

7. It's Easy To Run Out Of Things To Talk About

Having chatted non-stop with a guy via text before and then realizing in person that the connection was gone and we ran out of things to talk about was a lousy experience. I don't want to repeat it. We should keep some topics for our actual dates.

8. I Don't Want To Think That We're Something That We're Not

Consistent contact from a guy can make it harder for me to accept that things may not work out. Although I am optimistic about finding love, I want to be realistic and avoid assuming that we're already in a committed relationship because he texts me frequently. It's better to avoid getting too attached too soon.

9. It Makes Him Seem Insecure

Could it be that he's afraid of ending our text conversations because he fears I'll lose interest in him? His constant attachment to his phone makes me question whether he lacks confidence, and that's not an appealing trait. It's perfectly acceptable if we don't communicate at all times.

10. There's No Replacement For Dating IRL

The era of social media and dating apps has made us believe that dating is just about creating a profile and exchanging messages with people. However, this is not actually dating. Nothing can replace the experience of dating in real life, and if he prefers texting over meeting up, then I'm not interested in continuing to see him. As long as we are spending time together on a regular basis, he can occasionally send me a text to let me know he's thinking of me. However, if he's seeking a digital pen pal, he needs to look elsewhere.