I Do Not Think I Will Ever Get Married And I Am Totally Fine With That


I've never been the type of girl who lies awake at night dreaming about her wedding day. Even now that I'm 27, marriage isn't something that I think about much, and I don't care if I ever walk down the aisle. Here's why:

1. Weddings Are All For Show Anyway

Marriage is inherently linked to weddings, which I find materialistic and somewhat meaningless. The primary reason people get married is for the wedding, don't you think? It's a thrilling experience to have everyone you know and love congratulate you, to witness your happiness, and to feel like you're finally doing something right. People don't only get married for love; they also do it for recognition from their peers, and I don't require that kind of validation.


2. The Divorce Rate Has Never Been Higher

With a 50% divorce rate, there is one divorced person for every married person. As the child of divorced parents, there is no way that I'm going to go through the same thing. Marriage is something that is difficult to undo once you've done it. Additionally, if you had a wedding, it would be even more embarrassing to have to explain to your friends that you couldn't make it past the first year. I'm not even going to think about that.


3. It's Actually More Normal Nowadays To NOT Want To Get Married

When I inquire about marriage, my friends typically scrunch their noses and shrug their shoulders, indicating a lack of enthusiasm. I believe that our generation's rejection of marriage is linked to the divorce boom of the 1980s. Since most of our parents are divorced, marriage is not a concept that excites us, including myself.


4. It Doesn't Fit Into My Lifestyle

I lead an "alternative lifestyle," and I don't want a husband to interfere with it. When you marry, you become a unit, and I prefer to live my life differently. I prefer to do things my way, and while I would like to find a life partner, I don't want the added reminder that we are legally bound to each other.

5. I Would Only Be Doing It To Please My Family

If I were ever to say "I do," it would be solely to satisfy my mother. The only reason I have a desire to get married is to impress my parents. All I want is for them to love me, and I feel like getting married would earn me their ultimate approval. It's quite sad, actually.


6. I Don't Need A Piece Of Paper To Prove My Love To Someone

My love is intense, and I don't require a document to prove it. The thought of being in a relationship with someone simply because we chose to be together, rather than promising in front of a crowd, satisfies me more. If I want to establish a life with someone, it should be natural and not forced.


7. The Whole Experience Would Be Totally Embarrassing

The notion of stating "I do" in front of my loved ones and friends doesn't excite me at all. I don't even enjoy hearing "Happy Birthday" sung to me. I despise being the center of attention and feel that getting married is just an excuse to have a big party in your honor. It's not an enjoyable experience for me; it's a nightmare.


8. I'd Rather Spend All That Money On Something I'll Actually Enjoy

Why should I bother getting married and starting a family when I can explore the world or hire a personal trainer to achieve the things I genuinely desire and require? I don't require a spouse, and as long as my boyfriend and I are happy in the present, that's all that counts.

9. Saying You'll Be With Someone Forever Is A Little Unrealistic

Marriage represents the ultimate commitment to me, and I confess that I struggle with the idea of commitment. In my mind, no other act is more binding than marriage, and once you're married, there are other obligations to consider, like starting a family and buying a house. These are significant commitments that can't be undone easily, and I prefer to avoid them altogether.


10. It's A False Accomplishment

I don't view finding someone to love and marrying them as an accomplishment. It's strange to me that people congratulate others on getting married, which is essentially just a decision. There are couples who have been together for a long time but haven't gotten married, yet they don't receive any recognition. This doesn't make sense to me.