I Do Not Care About The Cold — I Can Not Wait For Winter


It's chilly outside, but that's precisely why we have jackets, isn't it? I don't get why some people despise winter. Personally, I eagerly anticipate the year's end and wrapping up my schedule with holiday celebrations, warm sweaters, and perhaps even some snow. Step aside, pumpkin spice lattes. Winter is approaching, and fortunately, it's almost here. If you're anything like me, you'll likely identify with these twelve things:

1. You can't wait to lace up your ice skates

It takes you back to the days when you were a young girl dreaming of performing triple sow-cows and envisioning yourself as the next Nancy Kerrigan (before the Tanya Harding scandal, of course). Even now, you feel poised and womanly on the ice, and you're eager to glide around.

2. You love to sit in front of the fireplace

The flames mesmerize you, and you can't get enough of the smoky wood aroma. There's nothing like taking off your boots and relishing the warmth on your feet.

3. You have the best excuse to cuddle with your sweetheart all morning

If it's too chilly to leave the bed, why bother? Snuggling on a winter morning is unbeatable. You could linger there for hours, embracing each other and staying cozy.

4. There are so many delicious hot drinks to enjoy

Mulled wine? Cinnamon-spiced hot apple cider? Hot chocolate topped with marshmallows? Whether you're a Starbucks enthusiast or a DIY fanatic, there's a winter beverage out there that's guaranteed to warm your soul.

5. You can practically taste the yummy goodness of delicious hot food

Speaking of a food lover's paradise, we can't overlook the delectable winter-friendly dishes. From homemade chicken noodle soup and hearty stews to steaming bowls of oatmeal, bring on the frigid climate; it's time to hit the kitchen.

6. You're such a Christmas kid at heart

Absolutely! It's one of those festivities that become more and more enjoyable as time passes. You have the greatest gift concepts and are thrilled to decorate with twinkling lights. You're fully immersed in the Christmas spirit.

7. Your social calendar is totally full with all of the holiday parties coming up

Winter weekends are never boring. You have one with colleagues, another with the ones you actually enjoy spending time with, one with college buddies, and another with recent friends. You'll be practically hopping from one party to another throughout the season.

8. You hate to admit it, but you actually really miss big family gatherings

No longer do you dread leaving your beloved dorm room to return home from the holidays. As you grow older, you begin to cherish your enormous and zany family, especially your parents.

9. You get to see all of your high school friends from home

Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings are like massive high school reunions each year since everyone is back home for the holidays. Although you've all transformed, you still adore catching up with your old gang and reconnecting with your childhood best friend.

10. You love the cold, still nights

During summer, everything appears to be noisy and bustling. In the winter, however, as soon as the sun sets, and everyone seeks refuge in their homes, there's an inexplicable tranquility to the stillness of the evenings outside.

11. Snow

You can't resist it. Despite being an adult, there's still something immensely satisfying about stepping on freshly fallen snow and hearing the satisfying crunch underfoot.

12. You're looking forward to a new year and a new start

It's an opportunity to transform your life, face novel challenges, and begin anew. You have a sense that 2016 is going to be a great year.