I Didn't Want To Leave You, But You Finally Pushed Me To My Limit

Although it's difficult for me to acknowledge, I tend to remain in relationships far beyond their expiration date. Despite how dire the situation may seem, I strive to salvage the bond, even if my partner has emotionally detached themselves. It took me a while to prioritize my own needs and end things with you, but the following reasons compelled me to take action:

1. You Let Me Fall For You Knowing You Couldn't Catch Me

When someone lies down with me, looks me straight in the eyes, and declares their affection for me, I tend to believe them. In the early days, you told me everything that I wanted to hear. You were charming, reassuring, and promised to shield me from any harm. Wrapped in your embrace, I felt secure and took your words to heart, only to realize now that it was a grave mistake.

2. You Completely Switched Personalities

You transformed from the loving guy who used to make me breakfast in the morning to the guy who ignored my messages. You only showed interest in conversing when it suited your schedule. How did we shift from spending an entire night laughing and kissing to you abruptly distancing yourself the next day? I struggled to keep pace with your erratic behavior, never knowing which version of you I would encounter on any given day.

3. You Told Me Who You Were, And I Ignored It

If I received a dollar for each instance you warned me that you weren't suitable for me or advised me to leave, only to later draw me back in, I'd be wealthy. You never hesitated to inform me that you weren't a good match for me, and when I considered departing, you apologized and attributed your behavior to your past. I should have taken your words seriously the first time you revealed your true self to me.

4. You Never Fought For Me

I fought for you on a nearly daily basis. I longed for an authentic connection with you, and now and then, I question if you ever shared that desire. Perhaps I was just a girl you preferred to keep by your side out of fear of being alone. When I ultimately chose to depart, you just stood there and observed it occur. All I yearned for was for you to halt me, to express remorse, and to confess that you shared my feelings.

5. I Realized My Friends Were Right

My friends constantly questioned why I remained with a guy who couldn't make up his mind about what he wanted. Honestly, I didn't have a satisfactory explanation. I empathized with your struggles and allowed that to cloud my judgment of how poorly you were treating me. My friends could see the red flags that I was too blind to see, and they cautioned me repeatedly. Perhaps if I had heeded their advice, I could have avoided some of the pain.

6. You Made Me Question Myself

You made me doubt myself and question if I was the issue. You repeatedly pushed me away, leaving me to wonder what I had done wrong. I obsessed over ways to improve and make you content, only to find out that it was never about me. Looking back, I realize that I did everything in my power, and I did it right. However, it's painful to acknowledge that you made me feel inadequate and unworthy.

7. There Was No Hesitation When I Finally Left You

When I left you, I didn't look back in my rear-view mirror. It was time for me to move on and let go of you, and start taking steps forward in my life. It was evident that you didn't want me in your life, so there was no point in dwelling on the past and wishing to be a part of yours.

8. You Don't Deserve Another Chance

I bear no ill will towards you and sincerely hope that you can overcome your reluctance to let someone get close to you and not drive them away, but I have moved on. Despite receiving your "I miss you" text, I have learned to disregard it. I won't let myself be drawn back into such a harmful situation.

9. You're Still Hanging On, But I'm Long Gone

I said my goodbyes, I walked away, and I started a new chapter in my life. But then, you sent me that text pleading for another chance. Perhaps you finally understood that you made a mistake by pushing me away, but it was too late. By then, I had already moved on and your name on my phone screen couldn't change that.

10. You Actually Taught Me Something

I don't want to subject anyone to the same experience I had with you. I've learned that if I'm unable to be vulnerable with someone from the start, I need to communicate why that is. I don't want to leave someone in the dark like you did with me. I will make sure that anyone I date in the future won't have to experience the same uncertainty and confusion that I went through with you.