'I Didn't Want That F***in' Baby Anyway,' Tennessee Mother Charged With Child Abuse Claims.

‘i Didn’t Want That F***in’ Baby Anyway,’ Tennessee Mother Charged With Child Abuse Claims.

Some people never learn, but maybe that's a good thing. For instance, every one of us can narrate a story where social media got someone into trouble. And yet, it continues to happen again and again.

Criminals have given away their locations and details of their loots through social media posts. High-profile individuals have killed their careers through comments they made on Facebook. Many regrettable mistakes have been made on social media. And the trend continues.


A Tennessee mother seems to have forgotten about the minefield that is today's social media and shared a Facebook Live video of her smoking in her baby's face and using her to bench-press.

She Can Be Seen Shaking The Baby, Picking Her Up And Then Dropping Her

The mother's mistake of putting her evil handiwork on social media benefited the innocent and vulnerable toddler. She was not safe with her, and the video proved that much.


After the video did its rounds on the web and finally ended up in the hands of the authorities, the woman was charged with child abuse.

In the anger-inducing video, the woman can be seen tossing the one-month toddler recklessly while also blowing smoke in her face.

It Is A Painful Scene To Watch


You'd think the mom would be apologetic about her actions. But instead, she shared a little secret that helped shed light on what was really happening.

"I didn't want the f***in' baby anyway." She shouted these hurtful words loudly when the police arrived to get her. She went on to add, "already told them that."

Tybresha Sexton was arrested in Chattanooga, Tennessee and charged with aggravated child abuse.


In the video, she can be seen smoking with one hand while she uses the other to toss the baby in the air.

Commenters were also concerned about the treatment the baby was getting from the mother, with one saying, "She gone kill that baby."

During The Arrest, The Woman Also Had Alcohol On Her Breath

In fact, there were empty liquor bottles lying on the floor.


Also, the neighbors were clearly concerned, and they showed the cops the video when they got there to arrest the woman.

She was also resisting arrest, and she also faced charges of disorderly conduct.

Even after the arrest, the mother did not stop her antagonistic attitude. She caused disorder even at the police station while still insisting she did not want the baby.

How's The Little Baby Girl Doing?

Clearly, everyone wants to know how the baby is doing after the disturbing ordeal.


The girl, after the mother was put behind bars, was put under the care of Sexton's mother.