I Didn't Know I Was In A Bad Relationship Until I Sprained My Ankle

I Didn’t Know I Was In A Bad Relationship Until I Sprained My Ankle

It's bizarre how life's ironies work. For instance, I would never have thought that spraining my ankle was going to be the most important thing that ever happened to me. It was an eye-opening accident that helped me see my boyfriend for who he really was.

I had always harbored a nagging feeling that my boyfriend never really cared about me. I loved him, and he managed to convince me otherwise every time I confronted him about his lack of concern for my feelings.

When I sprained my ankle, everything was painted in black and white for me, and I knew that it was time to call it quits. Here is why:

1. He was reluctant to drive me to the hospital

What's the first thing you'd do if a person you loved got injured? Obviously, you'd rush that person to the hospital. That's exactly the kind of response I expected from my boyfriend.


I was experiencing a lot of pain in my ankle, but I was surprised that my boyfriend didn't seem moved. In fact, he insinuated that it wasn't that bad and it could wait until morning. He never even showed a hint of concern.

Since my ankle was in pretty bad shape, I couldn't drive myself to the hospital. I had no alternative but to endure the pain until the next morning.

2. He still insisted on having sex that same night

Since I was completely immobilized, I was forced to spend the night over. My ankle was still hurting, and I was worried that I might have broken it.


Sex was the last thing on my mind. I was anxious about work. My job involves being on my feet all the time and I was wondering if I was fit enough to go to work the next day. When my boyfriend started kissing me, I was thrilled at first. At last, my boyfriend was showing some concern for me.

Eventually, it dawned on me that all he wanted was sex. He managed to blackmail me into having sex with him. It was the most uncomfortable and unfulfilling sex I had ever had. I was now quite convinced that he was not the Mr. Right I always considered him to be.

3. I was left abandoned the next morning

Remember he had promised to drive me to the hospital the next morning? Well, that never happened. Instead, he woke up, got dressed, and explained that he had a busy day and could not take me to the hospital.

I was shocked beyond words. His words cut through me like a sharp knife through cheese. It was more hurting to hear him make those flimsy excuses than it did to sprain my ankle.


It is true that you can forget what people say or do to you, but you'll never forget how they made you feel. That feeling of disappointment is still vivid in my mind as if it were yesterday.

4. I turned into a liar

After my boyfriend walked out of the house without even a second thought about my plight, I had no alternative but to call a friend for help.

My friend was rightfully surprised. She inquired about the whereabouts of my boyfriend. I was too embarrassed to tell her the truth at the time (I finally did eventually). Instead, I told her that Jake would have helped, but he had spent the night with his sick mother.


I have always hated lying to my close friends. I was forced to lie because I couldn't bear the embarrassment. After all, I had always bragged about how lucky I was to have him. What would have changed overnight?

5. I felt lonely

That night, after my friend had left me alone in my apartment, I cried myself sore. I had never felt so lonely before. To make matters worse, my boyfriend didn't even call to find out how I was doing.

How mean could he be?

Most of my friends didn't bother to find out what was happening to me either. They assumed that I was probably having the best time of my life in the company of my boyfriend. If only they knew I was going through hell!

Time heals everything. I overcome my heartache after a couple of weeks. My ankle healed much faster. In retrospect, my sprained ankle was a blessing in disguise since it enabled me to see my ex-boyfriend for who he really was.