I Did Not Shave My Legs For A Month— Here Is What Happened

Shaving body hair is considered a normal beauty routine for most women. Men, in particular, expect women to be smooth and hairless at all times. However, I decided to disrupt my beauty routine by not shaving my legs for a month to see how it would affect my personal, professional, and sex life. Here's what I discovered.

1. I've Been Shaving My Legs Twice A Week Since I Was 12

As an Italian woman, I'm familiar with having thick, dark body hair. Puberty hit me hard in middle school and body hair only made it worse. To boost my self-esteem, my mom gifted me a razor and taught me to shave my legs twice a week, except for winter months when I did it only a few times a month.

2. In Recent Years, The "Au Naturel" Movement Has Seriously Been Catching My Eye

I found the notion of conforming to societal beauty standards by shaving my female body hair infuriating. I realized I had been blindly following this sexist rule without questioning it, so I decided to challenge it. I conducted a month-long experiment during the summer to see how it would feel to stop shaving my legs and how those around me would react.

3. I Saved A Ton Of Time

My mornings became much more efficient after I stopped shaving my legs. It's surprising how much time you can save by skipping this task. I found myself enjoying my coffee or even getting a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.

4. My Skin Wasn't Nearly As Dry And Irritated

During summertime, moisturizing my newly shaved legs was a hassle. Shaving made my legs dry, flaky, and painfully irritated, making it hard to maintain a healthy look. However, without shaving, my skin was showing me more love after showers. It looked healthier, and I didn't need a lot of body butter to keep it moisturized.

5. Not Having To Buy Razors Saved Me Some Cash

The reality of the "pink tax" on women's products became evident to me when I realized how much I was spending on razors to maintain my smooth legs during the summer. Buying new razors frequently to avoid using a rusty blade can add up quickly, and I was surprised at how much money I saved during the month I didn't shave.

6. At First, I Was Self-Conscious During Sex

When it came to my sex life, I always believed that being smooth was essential for feeling sexy. However, after a week of not shaving, I was nervous that my furry legs would ruin the mood when I had sex with my partner.

7. My Partner Literally Didn't Even Notice

My partner surprised me with his reaction to my unshaven legs. Despite feeling self-conscious, we had amazing sex as usual, and he didn't even seem to notice the hair on my legs. When I asked him about it later, he told me it was my decision what I did with my body, and it wouldn't have mattered to him either way. Gentlemen, take note of the correct response when your partner decides to stop shaving!

8. When Running Errands, I Did Get One Or Two Weird Glances

When I wore shorts with unshaved legs for the first time in public, I realized that no one really cared. Even if someone did notice, I didn't get any negative reactions. It felt liberating to go against societal expectations of how a "young lady" should look in public.

9. Walking Into The Office With Un-Shaved Legs Was Scary

I was nervous about going to work with hairy legs, associating shaved with professionalism. But, no one seemed to notice or care, as I work in a female-centric office with respectful colleagues.

10. Overall, This Was An Incredibly Empowering Experiment

Overall, this month-long experiment was a revelation. It not only highlighted the benefits of reducing shaving (time, health, and money), but it also gave me a sense of empowerment by rejecting societal beauty standards. I must clarify that this is just my personal experience, and others may feel more confident with shaved legs. However, for women who want to feel empowered quickly, I recommend trying this experiment. You might be surprised by how liberating it is to embrace your natural body hair.