I Dated A Pothead And I Would Never Do That Again


After dating my ex who was a frequent pot smoker, I initially found him to be an amazing person, incredibly easygoing, funny, and fun to be with. However, I eventually realized that his entire life was centered around weed, and he was constantly high. This became tiresome very fast, and it's the reason why I wouldn't date someone who regularly uses marijuana again.

1. The Weed Was Always More Important Than Me

Whenever we were together, my pothead ex would often prioritize smoking weed over our plans. If he needed another hit, we would abruptly end our outing to make sure he could get home to his bong. It seemed like smoking was his top priority, as he would even light up before saying good morning to me. Looking back, I realized that he had an intense love for Mary Jane that exceeded his feelings for me. That's why I couldn't see myself dating a guy who smokes regularly again.


2. I Felt Like I Didn't Really Know Him Because He Was Always High

I hardly ever saw him sober, but when I did, it was like meeting a different person. He would be extremely irritable and easily annoyed by trivial things. It was unsettling to realize that I barely knew who my boyfriend truly was without the influence of marijuana on his behavior.

3. He Talked About It All The Time

Most of our conversations revolved around weed. Whether he was discussing the various methods of consumption or analyzing the potency of different strains, it always came back to marijuana. At first, I tried to be interested, but eventually, I grew tired of hearing about it. I wanted to talk about other things, but it seemed like he couldn't see beyond his love for cannabis. It was clear that he needed to find other interests.


4. I Felt Like He Judged Me For Not Being Chill

I was initially attracted to this guy because of his easygoing nature. He would always agree with me, didn't mind my tardiness, and was always willing to do anything. However, as time went on, I began to realize that his laid-back attitude made me feel like I wasn't as relaxed as I should be. I could tell that he noticed this about me too.


5. He Resentment Me For Not Needing To Get High To Calm Down

Upon our breakup, I was surprised to find out that he was jealous of me for not using weed as a coping mechanism. He felt that I was superior to him for not needing it. While I never judged him for his use of marijuana as a means of self-medication, he felt that I looked down on him for it.

6. He Never Had Any Money

I was constantly perplexed by his financial situation despite living with his parents. It didn't take long for me to realize that he was spending all his money on marijuana. One of the reasons he cited for breaking up was that he couldn't "afford" me. I never asked him to buy me things, but he couldn't even afford normal dating activities like going out to eat, which was frustrating.


7. He Never Felt Like Doing Anything Exciting

Most of the time, all we did was sit and stare at the wall, which is a favorite pastime for stoners. If I suggested doing something that involved physical activity, he would always decline. He preferred to "veg out," and while I didn't mind that once in a while, I believed that it was important for couples to try new things together. We only ever hung out at his place and smoked weed, which was not exactly my idea of a good time.


8. I Always Felt Pressure To Get High Even Though I Didn't Want To

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9. He Always Smelled Like Weed

Initially, I didn't mind the smell of weed, but eventually, it became unbearable. I didn't want to leave his place smelling like I had just jumped into a pool of bong water. Even now, the stench hasn't completely disappeared from my clothes.


10. We Always Ran Into Problems Because Of It

Our relationship was constantly affected by his habit, whether it was him being denied entry to a bar due to carrying weed in his bag, or not having enough money to go out on Valentine's Day because he spent it all on an extra rare strain. By the end of it, I was really fed up with it all. Never again.