I Dated A High Maintenance Guy And I Loved It

Although women are commonly criticized for being high maintenance, my perspective shifted when I encountered a man who possessed this trait. Initially, I believed that our relationship would be unworkable and that I wouldn't be able to handle it. Surprisingly, rather than being discouraged, I was impressed. Here are 11 explanations why.

1. It Showed Me He Cared About Himself

The absence of standards in a man indicates a lot about his personality, particularly that he lacks self-love. Conversely, this guy's high standards turned out to be a positive attribute as a boyfriend, despite how unconventional it may seem.


2. He Knew What He Wanted

He had a crystal-clear idea of what he desired in a girlfriend and a relationship, and he refused to compromise on it. I found that trait highly admirable! In my experience, I had encountered several guys who were indecisive about what they wanted in the dating world, while others were indifferent when it came to relationships. Therefore, his clarity was a breath of fresh air.


3. Previous Heartbreak Had Made Him Stronger

Instead of allowing his past breakups and relationship failures to defeat him, he utilized them to become a stronger individual with elevated standards. For instance, due to his experience with a toxic partner, he was able to immediately recognize warning signals of an unhealthy relationship and shield himself from future pain. I find it appealing when a man learns from his past encounters.


4. He Respected My Standards

As a result of his elevated standards and strong self-esteem, he honored my boundaries and standards. Therefore, when I expressed my requirement of not being involved with someone who smoked, consumed drugs, or did not maintain regular communication, he did not ridicule or dismiss me as "too demanding." He acknowledged and appreciated my ability to discern what I desired.


5. He Got To Work

His high standards and unwavering boundaries not only provided clarity on what he desired in a relationship but also propelled him to strive harder to meet his own expectations. For instance, if he desired a supportive partner, he recognized that he too had to be supportive in the relationship. The beauty of having relationship standards is that they encourage both individuals to improve themselves.


6. He Made Me Step Up

Rather than feeling intimidated by his elevated standards, they inspired me to become a better version of myself, both individually and for the sake of our relationship. His expectations had a positive impact on me, and it was gratifying to be with someone who shared similar values. Although his lofty standards may have earned him the label of "high maintenance" from previous partners, I regarded them as a positive attribute.


7. He Took Pride In His Appearance

Although he used a substantial amount of hair gel and took great care to look impeccable when he went out, it was actually a positive attribute. It demonstrated that he placed value on his appearance and made an effort for our dates. I did not feel intimidated by his lengthier bathroom routine than mine; instead, I found it impressive. At least, I didn't have to listen to him complain about how long I took to apply my makeup.


8. He Liked Being Pampered

One of the traits associated with high-maintenance guys is their preference for a lot of tender loving care. But what's the harm in that? My partner and I enjoyed spending time at spas for indulgent body treatments, which made for a fantastic date idea. Additionally, I appreciated that he was kind to himself and only sought the best in terms of food, skincare products, and travel destinations. Being pampered was not about him seeking to be spoiled; rather, it was his way of taking care of his overall well-being.


9. He Didn't Bring The Drama

There is often a misconception that a high-maintenance guy will be excessively dramatic. However, my partner was not like that in the slightest. Although he had expensive tastes and elevated standards, there was nothing underhanded about it. He did not become agitated or throw tantrums like a child when things didn't go his way. He was not a man-child.


10. He Was Anal About Texting

The guy I was dating desired daily communication and became a bit frustrated when I didn't respond to his calls or texts. While some women might find this behavior "too intense," it was perfect for me because I also held high standards when it came to texting. I preferred consistent daily contact with the person I was dating and had no interest in playing games by purposely being hard to reach via text. His behavior demonstrated that we had similar texting preferences, which was a great fit. Furthermore, it was helpful that he wasn't controlling despite his desire for frequent texting.


11. He Didn't Like Camping

Camping was never my thing, and surprisingly, the guy I met shared my sentiment. His male friends often teased him for not being manly enough, but I thought that was ridiculous. He simply didn't like the idea of getting dirty and taking cold showers. We had the same preference, which made us a great match.