I Dare You To Become The Hero Of Your Own Story!

I Dare You To Become The Hero Of Your Own Story!

You're already playing the lead role in the story of your life. But to become a hero, all you need is some encouragement and an extra dose of magic, which is right here, in you.

Shake things up to get the most out of your story and make your dreams come true.

Your age, background, living saturation, these things aren't important. You're about to start living differently, thriving to become a hero and gain control over your life. It's frightening, liberating, and contagious.

Be the person you needed to be

The worst part about adulting is that we forget what we truly need. Remember what you needed in your life when you were younger. Then wake up your inner child, find whatever is it that you were looking for, and give it to yourself.

Maybe you lacked a sense of security, or you needed more freedom. Start by becoming a hero you desired to be while you were growing up.

Be the person you wanted to be

Another thing about being an adult that truly sucks is that we're so practical that we forget how to dream. We grow up in this mediocrity, and we let parts of us die. Those parts were the ones that made our childhoods, and we owe it to ourselves to make our dreams come true.

You won't be able to make all your dreams come true, just like that, as if you're a superhero. Instead, you're an everyday hero, and you'll have to work for everything. Remember that even if you fail, you tried. You didn't settle, which is something we do too often.

It's never too late to make your dreams come true. But first, you have to dig deep and discover what it was that made you excited about the future? Work from that, and take it step by step.

Rise above the challenges

Like in any story, a hero must face challenges and obstacles. Life can be cruel at times, but you are on a quest to change your life, and you have to trust your inner strength.

Every time your face your fear, you'll get more power. And the more powerful you get, the easier it will be to rise above and become everything you ever wanted.

While it's clear that not many will dare to live their most authentic, best lives, what do you have to lose? You only have one life, so stop wasting it, and use the energy to make it count.

Think big, act small

You're not exactly taking over the world, but you should allow yourself to feel the same drive. Dream big, and do everyday things to get closer to your goals.

Every hero knows that nothing comes easy, but at the same time, the sacrifices you have to make are nothing comparing to reaching for the stars. Maybe you'll spend less time watching telly or scrolling on social media. But you'll have more time to make your reality happier, better, more yours.

Don't let yourself become a villain in your life story. Instead, focus on the good, on what makes you smile, and go with the flow. Stop misusing your life on other people's opinions, judgments, and fears of your making. Be the hero who will inspire others.

Step out of the norm, and become the person you were meant to be!