I Could Never Date A Guy Who's Slept With A Lot Of Women - In Fact, I Broke Up With One Because Of It

I am not concerned about him being an attractive and interesting person. When he disclosed the number of sexual partners he has had, he went from being a potential romantic partner to someone I am not interested in dating. This may seem harsh, but my reasoning is as follows:

1. That Don't Impress Me Much

I had strong feelings for this individual, but I have always been skeptical of a person who has a large number of sexual partners and is willing to share it openly. I did not ask him to disclose this information, yet he shared it without hesitation. This made me concerned that he may tend to be promiscuous and not be able to commit in a relationship.

2. Was It Bragging Rights?

He had 50 sexual partners prior to meeting me. This made me question if he was just casually dropping this information in conversation to present himself as someone with a lot of experience. It felt like a boastful move, and I found it unappealing.

3. It Doesn't Make You More Of A Man, Dude

The fact that he had been intimate with so many women at such a young age was a turn-off for me, as it suggested that for some men, the more sexual partners they have, the more masculine they are perceived to be. This is a harmful and outdated belief. This made me wonder if he subscribed to such sexist notions.

4. I Was Seriously Concerned About STDs

One of the main reasons that a man with a high number of sexual partners is unappealing to me is the fear of him potentially carrying sexually transmitted infections (STIs). I question if he consistently used protection during every encounter. Additionally, some STIs can still be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, such as herpes and HPV, which can't be fully protected by condoms. Furthermore, many people use condoms incorrectly, with reports indicating that between 17-51% of people have admitted to putting a condom on after sexual activity has already begun. The potential risks are too high for my comfort.

5. I Assumed He Was Just Looking For Sex

The fact that he shared this information so early on, and the number was so high, made me question if he was just seeking a casual sexual relationship. It's unlikely that most of the women he had been intimate with were in long-term relationships, given his age. This led me to question the likelihood of him being genuinely interested in a committed relationship now.

6. It Was Time To Define What Was Going On

On our third meeting, I asked him about his intentions and if he was looking for a committed relationship. I needed to understand where he stood on the matter. I didn't want to be too harsh in my judgment about his high number of sexual partners. It's possible that he had changed and was no longer seeking to add more partners to that number.

7. I Was Open About My Number Prejudice

As we were both being honest about our intentions, I expressed to him that his number made me uneasy. I made it clear that I wasn't judging him, but that it didn't align with my comfort level. He understood and there were no negative feelings between us.

8. Um, No

It turns out my initial assumption was correct, he confirmed that he was not looking for a serious relationship and was only interested in casual encounters and not commitment. It appeared that he was looking for me to be the 51st on his list, I respectfully declined that offer.

9. Let's Be Friends

The individual was pleasant to talk to, but since our goals did not align, I decided it would be best for us to maintain a friendship. After that, I learned more about him and it was not favorable.

10. He Hadn't Been Lying

The individual was interested in threesomes, one-night stands, and similar activities. He would date a woman for a while, then engage in sexual activities. Most of his sexual experiences involved alcohol and sometimes drugs. I spend some time with some of his friends, who confirmed these behaviors. He was not just exaggerating his sexual experiences, he was very active in that regard. I'm glad I was able to avoid that situation.

11. I Felt Guilty

I felt guilty because I have always believed that it shouldn't matter if a woman wants to be intimate with many partners, and that it doesn't make them cheap even if they don't have any emotional attachment to them. However, in this case, I was judging a man based on his number of sexual partners and found him less attractive. I wondered if I was being unjust and if I was the one holding sexist beliefs.

12. The Thing Is, I Don't Want To Be A Number

Ultimately, I don't want to date someone who would treat me as just another number, a temporary companion for sexual gratification before moving on to someone else. I desire someone who values and sees me for more than just my sexual potential, and this individual did not seem to possess those qualities.

13. It's The Intentions Behind Those Digits That Matter

A person's sexual history is simply a number, it doesn't define a person. This experience made me realize that it is the intentions behind that number that are important. The high number this person revealed that he was interested in a lot of casual and emotionally detached sexual encounters which is not something I am comfortable with.

14. At Least He Was Upfront About Things

The positive aspect of this individual was that he was straightforward about his desires. He did not try to deceive me or mislead me. He didn't have to tell me about his number, but I'm glad he did. It provided me with valuable insight into his perspective on relationships and sexual encounters, and it helped me make an informed decision for myself.