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I Carry My Dog In A Pet Sling Career, And I Won't Apologize For It!

I Carry My Dog In A Pet Sling Career, And I Won’t Apologize For It!

My dog is my baby. Sorry, moms of actual humans, but I feed him, take care of him when he's sick, and play with him. In a way, I am doing all the mom stuff, including carrying my six years old pup in a pet sling.

Before you start thinking: "What the heck?" remember science says that our brains react to human babies and pets similarly. Since my dog is a rescue fluff, he gets anxious quickly, hence why I started using a pet sling.


Luckily, my fluffy nonhuman baby is smaller than a great Dane or Rotweiller. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to carry him, not until someone comes up with a solution for bigger dogs.

It's practical when I'm going shopping or getting my hair done. And interestingly enough, men seem to like it. Maybe because they think I have strong maternal instincts, which I don't.

As for the pet sling, it's machine washable, adjustable, and you can carry your cat in it as well. I don't have the first-hand experience with cats, so I'll stick to what I know – dogs.


Though it may still sound a bit off, it's ideal for those with senior pets. My previous pup died at the age of 18 and enjoyed walks until the end. I had to carry her most of the time because she was getting tired quickly, but seniors love to be outside and enjoy the closeness, similarly to puppies.

I know that blue is for boys and all, but I picked the navy-red one to honor my senior. It goes better with my outfits than other patterns.


Our pets already eat our foods (not recommended), sleep in our beds, and the vet is a family friend. They already have our hearts. They are our babies, so it's only natural to give them the best possible treatment and include them in our lives even further. Pet sling career gets paws up from us!