I Can't Wait To Be A Mom But I Know I'm Not Ready Yet

I eagerly anticipate becoming a mother, but I understand that it is a big responsibility that requires a lot of time and attention. Despite my love for babies, I trust my intuition to wait until I feel more ready for the task.

1. I don't fully know myself yet

As a young adult, I am constantly growing and learning about myself and others. As I mature, I become more capable of taking care of my responsibilities. While youth may lead to more mistakes and self-centeredness, having a child requires putting their needs above your own at all times, and being ready for that level of commitment.

2. I need to learn how to take care of myself first

While I am capable of taking care of myself by going to bed at a reasonable hour and making a quick dinner, it does not necessarily mean that I am ready to take care of another human being. Finding balance in life is challenging, and having a baby adds an additional layer of difficulty if one does not already know how to meet their own needs. The more self-aware I am, the better equipped I will be to care for my child.

3. I have professional goals I want to reach

Despite having gained experience through two internships, I still have much to prove before reaching a salaried position. As a young person in the workforce, it is important to demonstrate one's potential, and having a child too early may impede progress and hinder achieving a sense of fulfillment both emotionally and professionally.

4. I barely get enough sleep as it is

Babies have unpredictable and demanding sleep schedules, requiring constant attention and availability. As a young person, I require more sleep and have a busy lifestyle, making it difficult to care for a child. As I get older, my pace of life may slow down allowing me to better focus on starting a family with a partner. For now, I plan to wait.

5. There are so many more memories I want to make before I'm a Mother

I look forward to becoming a mother in the future, but for now I want to enjoy my youth and freedom. While I have responsibilities, I still have the ability to spend time with friends and have fun.

6. I'm not done being a young, naïve adult

I am aware that I am not yet fully mature and am comfortable with that. I understand that I have many years before I have the wisdom and readiness to become a mother. Currently, I am focusing on making memories and taking advantage of my ability to stay up late and still be able to function in my 9-5 job the next day.

7. I have so many more life lessons to learn

To become the best mother possible, I need to give myself time to develop into a level-headed and sensible woman. Though I am technically an adult, there is still much for me to learn before I can be considered a top-notch guardian.

8. My boyfriend and I need to make sure we're going to last long-term before we start a family

After witnessing many broken families, I believe it is crucial to wait until my boyfriend and I are fully ready before having a child. Building a strong relationship takes time and it's essential that we are in a stable position before getting pregnant as we want to set a good example for our child.