I Can Not Date A Guy Who Does Not Know How To Communicate


Why do many men struggle with communication? It appears that they have a distinct approach to communication compared to women, which can make it difficult for them to express themselves effectively. When it comes to dating, I require a basic level of communication from my partner. This means being direct and open about their thoughts and feelings, as well as initiating contact.

1. I Just Want To Know He's Alive

Sometimes, all I need is a simple confirmation that my boyfriend is okay, regardless of whether it's through a phone call, text, or Snapchat. For instance, if he has been out drinking and ends up sleeping in his clothes, I would appreciate a message the following day just to know he's alive. I don't think this is too much to ask for since it demonstrates my concern for him.

2. It Shows He's Thinking Of Me

Whether we're separated for only a few hours or several months, receiving a text or call from my partner indicates that he's thinking about me. It doesn't matter where he is or what he's doing at that moment, his focus is on me, and it's heartening to realize that he cares as much as I do.

3. It Feels Good When I Hear From Him Unexpectedly

While it's always fantastic to receive a message from my partner, hearing from him unexpectedly is even more special. When I'm having a tough day at work and feel stressed out, a random text from him with a few kind words can lift my spirits immediately. It's a pleasant and surprising gesture that brings a smile to my face.

4. It Bridges Physical Distance

Thanks to amazing technological advancements like FaceTime and Skype, even if we're not physically together, we can still have virtual time together. Communicating in this way with my partner when he's away makes me feel closer to him. It's crucial for me to maintain the relationship and keep the spark alive.

5. It Reassures Me And Stops Me From Overthinking

If we've had a disagreement, and my partner reaches out to me via text, I feel relieved because it signifies that he's trying to reconcile. It reassures me that things will be alright between us. Similarly, when he's out with his friends, and they're taking pictures with girls, which they post on social media, receiving a quick text from him helps me relax. It prevents me from overthinking and jumping to the wrong conclusions, potentially making me look like a lunatic. (It happens!)

6. Communication Is Important. Duh

Let's be honest, communication is essential for a relationship to thrive; we can't go far without it. Although perfection isn't necessary, it should be decent enough to benefit our relationship rather than harm it.

7. I Expect Openness And Honesty

As an open and honest person, I anticipate the same level of candor from my partner. It's important to me that he shares his thoughts and feelings, and even mundane things like his lunch choice. I want to be his confidant and emotionally closest person. Asking for this isn't unreasonable; I'm simply a hopeless romantic.

8. It's Easier To Resolve Issues If We Can Talk About Them

When my partner excels at communication, it becomes much simpler to address potential conflicts before they arise. By communicating his worries promptly, we can talk through the problem and resolve it immediately. I'm not a mind-reader, so if he doesn't express what he's thinking, I may misunderstand the situation. He may be acting differently because of his emotions, and my misinterpretation could spark a full-blown argument.

9. I Make An Effort So He Should Too

I'm terrible at texting back, probably the worst, but I put in an extra effort not to be with my boyfriend. I strive to make him feel special every day and expect the same in return. Those small gestures keep the romance alive, and sometimes, that means sending a simple text message.

10. I Don't Want A Mute For A Boyfriend

I'm not hating on quiet people, since I am one myself. But what I do want is a boyfriend who is vocal with me. Someone who speaks their mind and shares their thoughts. A boyfriend who can support and challenge me in equal measure. I want a partner who is my equal, and since I'm a good communicator, I expect the same from him.