I Can Never Tell If A Guy Actually Likes Me Or Not And It Sucks

Regrettably, I must acknowledge that I lack the skills to excel in the dating scene. Despite my diligent efforts, I have not been able to develop a successful strategy. I find myself unable to decipher a man's true intentions, as every signal he sends appears ambiguous to me.

1. Guys Don't Make Their Intentions Clear

I have grown weary of the need to interpret hidden meanings and detect signals. I no longer wish to receive subtle hints as they can be easily misunderstood. It feels like I am attempting to read a man's thoughts when all I want is for him to be straightforward. I require a clear and direct indication of what a man desires from me, whether it be sex, love, or nothing at all.

2. It's Weird To Straight-Up Ask A Guy If He Likes Me

It may seem childish, but the phrase "Do you like me or do you like-like me?" is so much simpler than the current dating game. I long for the ability to ask men straightforwardly if they have feelings for me, but unfortunately, that is not socially acceptable. If I were to break the rules and approach a man directly, I would probably scare him off. Therefore, unless he explicitly tells me his intentions, I will never truly know.

3. I Don't Want To Come Off Pushy Or Needy

I am not interested in rushing into a relationship with a guy as soon as we meet. However, I do want to gauge if he has any potential for a future relationship with me. I don't expect him to become my boyfriend right away, but if it's clear that we don't have a chance to be together, I would like to know. Unfortunately, guys often don't make their intentions clear, whether they're looking for something serious or just a casual fling. I don't want to pressure anyone into something they're not ready for, but I also don't want to waste my time.

4. Too Many Guys Think Women Can't Handle The Truth

If guys were honest and upfront about their intentions, it would make things much simpler. If they are uninterested in a relationship, it's better to communicate it directly. Similarly, if they have no interest, they should not give false hope. If their intentions are purely physical, it would be better if they were straightforward to avoid awkward situations. It's challenging to make decisions without the facts, and unless a guy shares his honest feelings, it's difficult to know where one stands.

5. Many Guys Play Games To Keep Women On The Hook

Is it possible to find men who are sincerely seeking love rather than using it as a pretense to satisfy their sexual desires? Nowadays, the dating scene feels like a manipulative game. Men who seek sex pose as genuine individuals to deceive naive women, such as myself, into their beds. It is a deceitful tactic, but unfortunately, it is widespread. These players are adept at feigning interest, and I inevitably fall prey to their ploys.

6. I Don't Know What It's Like To Meet A Man Who Does Have Real Feelings For Me

It seems to me that finding the right man would alleviate my worries about his feelings. A man who not only communicates his emotions verbally but also demonstrates them daily would be ideal. However, I struggle to recognize genuine feelings in men because I have yet to encounter one who possesses them.

7. I'm Just An Awkward Human Being

Interpreting social cues has never been my forte, and this extends beyond interactions with men. I have difficulty discerning whether someone is being kind or has a genuine interest in me. While I understand that people may simply be polite, it still confuses me. Thus, how can I determine if a man is truly interested in me or simply being friendly?

8. I Can't Tell The Difference Between Flirting And Actual Interest

I find it challenging to interact with individuals who are natural flirts. Men who flirt with everyone create confusion for me. Flirting does not necessarily indicate a desire to date, and I struggle to understand their intentions. I previously believed that flirting was an indication of interest, but some people flirt without any underlying intentions.

9. I Want To Know Immediately Whether Or Not We Have A Connection

As a woman, I am self-aware and intuitive when it comes to matters of the heart. I cannot control or manipulate my feelings, as they arise naturally. Thus, when I develop feelings for someone, I want to know if the feeling is mutual. Being a single woman, I value my time and don't want to waste it on guys who are not interested. However, it is uncertain whether men can identify their feelings as quickly as I can.

10. I Can Never Tell If A Compliment Is Genuine

While I am confident in myself, I admit to not being adept at recognizing sarcasm. I do not expect others to be enamored by me, so I struggle with distinguishing between genuine compliments and those with ulterior motives. It's possible that guys may be complimenting me as a friend, to pursue a physical relationship, or because they genuinely like me. Deciphering the true intention can be challenging.

11. I Have A Knack For Making Male Friends

My sense of humor often attracts me to male companionship. However, what I consider as jokes among friends can be misinterpreted as flirting by some guys. This makes it difficult to differentiate between guys who want to be friends and those who are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. Having many male friends means meeting many guys, but it's often unclear whether they are interested in my friendship or seeking romance.