Weird Story

"I Can Lift A 45-Pound Barbell With My Breasts: How The Pyramids Were Built"

A video of a woman lifting a massive table solely with her large chest muscles has recently become a viral sensation, with over 45.8 million views and leaving viewers in awe.

@keyonat@3, a woman with generous curves, recorded herself performing the feat of lifting a giant table as a response to @joss maura, another influencer who had shared a video of herself lifting a plastic storage container with one of her breasts.


Needless to say, when it comes to physically pressing one's chest, it turned out to be a rather effortless task. The extraordinary video showcases Keyona using her well-developed chest muscles as if they were forklift grips to hold a massive 28-pound table against her abdomen.

Weighing 28 pounds and being difficult to manage, the table is lifted using only her substantial breasts. She then turns around, raising her hands in the air to prove that she is not using anything else to hold it up.


Her exceptional display of strength left TikTok viewers astonished, with one mesmerized onlooker exclaiming: "When I tell you my jaw DROPPED."

"I think this is how the pyramids were built," said one TikTok wit, while another wrote, "This would be so helpful when moving."


Another viewer joked about a hypothetical situation where someone asks what she brings to the table, and she responds: "I am the table."

"How did you realize you could do this," wondered one commenter. This prompted Keyona to share a follow-up video that showed a different angle of her lifting her table.

Another person said: "Mine can't even hold a pencil!"

Some were curious to know how Keyona discovered her remarkable ability, to which she responded by saying that she simply "tried."


"I originally was going to do this trend with the TV but I knew and friends told me I could do bigger so I went for the coffee table," she laughed.

The comment section swiftly became filled with individuals proposing other objects for her to attempt lifting.

"Can you deadlift a 45lb barbell with them?" one person asked.

Keyona then shared another video to prove that she can indeed accomplish those suggested feats.


"Maybe a bag full of groceries," someone else suggested.

"A sandbag??" another person wrote.

While a third laughed: "Lmfaoo nah I think it's safe to say you can kill someone with those."

"okay this is extremely impressive," someone else said.

"Petition to start a series of things you can hold," another commented.

With Keyona responding: "Ok bet!!!! I would be down."


Keyona's display of strength, which involves her cleavage, extends beyond lifting tables. She recently posted a video of herself holding a 45-pound barbell under the weight of her bosom. Keyona explained that she recorded this feat to dispute skeptics who suggested that her previous videos were "fake" or that she utilized tape or rope to support the table.

In any case, we can expect a new spinoff of the "Strongman" competition in the near future.