I Call My Partner "Daddy": Stop Shaming Me

I Call My Partner “daddy”: Stop Shaming Me

In the modern world it is a truth universally acknowledged that the media loves nothing more than to shame someone. Particularly women.

I'm sure this isn't shocking news to anyone present

But here is a specific brand of slut-shaming that I truly hate above all other forms of passive-aggressive concealed women-hating. The principle of 'daddy issues' being connected to calling one's partner 'daddy'. This is like a paradox of modern culture shaming - there is a presumption that 'daddy' is the patriarchal authority that we all look up to, and yet that is alienated and made dirty, sexualized, and immature.

No longer can children innocently ask for 'daddy' and 'mummy' without incurring some sort of unfortunate, agonizingly funny-cringe sentence like 'you can get it Daddy' in reference to a dinner plate. Weep. So in a society that shames 'daddy issues' it presupposes two further problematic things. One, that 'daddy' is the root cause of all women's problems. Yes, fair enough we all complain about men and hate that they make life difficult for us, but hey! Give us some independence PLEASE!

The second issue with 'daddy' shaming is that it simultaneously relies on elevating men while infantilizing women. We become the children, naive and innocent and.... well, stupid. It's like a six-pointer in football - the two heavyweights at the top of the table play each other, and one person wins in order for the other to lose - leaving a bigger difference between them than normal.

Why can't we just mind our own business? And not criticize and police every aspect of other people's lives? It's literally nothing that affects us. Yet the media has to make us feel guilty about everything.

Oh, and for another thing, we are no less feminist for playing to this, however problematic, performance.

Don't let a man tell you anything to the contrary

Feminism is all about equality - I feel like we covered that a few years ago. Equality doesn't mean criticizing women in committed relationships for what they nickname their nearest and dearest. They could just as easily be calling them 'Puddin''. Oh wait, we already had the toxic abusive discussion of the Joker and Harley's relationship, didn't we? At least we are all on the same page about that.

Anyhow, we gain nothing from pinning ourselves against each other. Do you guys want another fact of life?

The world runs on guilt

That's the single emotion that empowers every successful male entrepreneur who latches on to his own mother's insecurity in order to cash in on something that may prove lucrative. Yes, you have to sell yourself to survive in this world. But, if you decide to pin the word 'daddy' to someone's identity, then so bloody be it!

It's not our place to question the guilty pleasure habits that we enjoy in the privacy of our own home. We don't deserve to be shamed for them. No-one does, no matter how silly or young you think they are. Even if you find it cringe or you wouldn't do it yourself in a relationship, that alone does not make it bad.

Personal opinion is not a reason to cause guilt or shame

If someone gets pleasure for calling their partner a cool name that they enjoy, maybe you should reassess your own priorities.