I Broke Up With Him Because He Was Bad In Bed And Then Regretted It

Despite trying different things, like changing positions and using toys, the sex with him remained consistently bad throughout our six-month relationship. Eventually, I had to break things off with him, even though there were unforeseen consequences.

1. Every Experience Was Disappointing

Throughout our sexual encounters, I found myself unsatisfied. Not only did I struggle to reach orgasm, but I also felt like our sexual needs and desires were not in sync. As a result, I had to resort to self-pleasure often, as I wasn't getting what I needed from him.


2. He Was Great Outside The Bedroom

While he wasn't the best lover, he had many other qualities that made him a great partner. His sense of humor and the fun we had together were always enjoyable, but unfortunately, our physical chemistry just wasn't there.

3. I Started Dreading Sex

I didn't want to keep making excuses to avoid sex, but I found myself doing it every time he initiated intimacy. It pained me to pretend to have a headache or some other ailment to get out of being intimate with him, but I just couldn't bring myself to go through with it anymore.


4. I Knew I Had To Talk To Him About It

Having had enough, I mustered the courage to address my unfulfilled needs in the bedroom with him. Even though it was a difficult conversation, I decided to be straightforward and candid about how I felt. My suggestion was to engage in more foreplay and for him to refrain from rushing towards his own climax.

5. Things Went Further South And I Knew It Was Over

Despite my efforts to make things better in bed, nothing changed, and sleeping with him remained just as unpleasant as ever. I realized that I couldn't sustain a long-term relationship with someone who couldn't satisfy me in bed, so I opted to end the relationship.


6. I Actually Missed Him After We Ended Things

The breakup was tough, and it hit me harder than him. Shortly after the breakup, I started missing him terribly, and I began to doubt whether I had made a hasty and shallow decision by breaking up with him just because of sex.

7. I Forced Myself Back On The Dating Scene

Once two months had passed since my breakup, I decided to dive back into the dating scene. I went on a few blind dates and also tried meeting someone through a dating app. The process of finding a great guy turned out to be more challenging than I thought. It dawned on me that despite his lack of sexual prowess, my ex had been a great boyfriend, and I was now regretting pushing him away.


8. Good Sex Didn't Satisfy Me

It seemed like karma was getting back at me for ending things with such an excellent partner. I slept with other men I dated, but even when the sex was fantastic, the guys were never what they seemed. They were either only interested in sex or eventually revealed their true bad boy nature, causing me to run away and reminisce about my ex's good qualities.


9. Maybe Being 100% Satisfied Is A Myth

I began to question whether it was a misconception that I could ever be entirely satisfied with a partner. Perhaps no one could make me happy all the time in every aspect of our relationship. Maybe it was time for me to come to terms with that realization.

10. I Called My Ex

My heart was pounding as I called him and asked him out to dinner. To my delight, he accepted. Despite our time apart, it was clear that he still had feelings for me. However, as we started dating again, I soon realized that the problems we had before hadn't disappeared. I wasn't happy with him, our relationship, or our sex life. Despite his efforts, we lacked any sexual chemistry, and it was an issue that couldn't be resolved. I came to the painful realization that it was never going to work out between us.


11. I Realized I Was Settling

Some might say that I was being petty for wanting a fulfilling sex life, but I refused to settle for less. I deserved to be happy in all aspects of my relationship. It was time to hold out for someone who could give me everything I wanted, both inside and outside the bedroom. I knew that my happiness was the most important thing, and it was empowering to realize that. Although my ex had many great qualities, it wasn't enough. I ended the relationship for good, knowing that I wanted and deserved much more.