I Blocked My Ex But He Still Managed To Reach Out To Me In These 10 Ways

Despite my complete silence, my ex persistently tried to reach out to me for about a year after I cut off all contact. His emotionally draining behavior and the drama he caused pushed me to block him, but even then, it didn't come to an end.

1. Roughly A Dozen Texting Apps

It's surprising how he was able to discover numerous free texting apps that allowed him to text from different numbers. This was his primary method of reaching out to me, alternating between being friendly and descending into lengthy, furious rants when he realized I wasn't responding. I eventually blocked these numbers as well.

2. Plenty Of Voicemails

Unfortunately, some of the previously mentioned texting applications also had voice calling capabilities, which was unpleasant for me. I would frequently receive amusing voicemails from him urging me to answer my phone or unblock him. However, I was finished with the negativity he brought into my life and the unhealthy relationship we had. I no longer desired to engage in the same unconstructive and hurtful dialogues that we had repeated countless times before.

3. Money With Memos

Within apps that allow you to send money to others, there's a feature to include a memo specifying the purpose of the transaction. However, my ex took advantage of this by sending me payments that included messages intended for me instead. These messages varied in tone, ranging from apologetic to outright malicious. Despite the money involved, I immediately returned the payments without attaching any notes of my own. If I were a petty individual, I could have easily gained an extra $600.

4. Texts To My Mom

He went as far as to request my mother to relay a message to me, all while sending her seemingly harmless texts filled with smiling emojis. However, behind the scenes, he continued to send me angry and desperate messages. It's possible that he assumed I wasn't divulging the situation to my mother, allowing him to appear innocent in her eyes. She would show me the messages he sent, but dismissed them in one way or another. Ultimately, my mother ceased responding altogether, following my lead.

5. Fake Instagram Accounts

Upon realizing that any genuine account he made would be blocked, he resorted to creating a fictitious puppy-themed account in order to monitor me covertly. My instincts told me that something was off, so I took the initiative to block the account. Shortly thereafter, he began to send more enraged messages via a texting application, validating my suspicions. He subsequently established another Instagram account, featuring selfies of me alongside angry captions. Despite my repeated efforts to report the account, I am unaware whether or not it's still active.

6. "Super-liking" Me On Tinder

On Tinder, there's a unique feature called "super-liking" where swiping up on someone's profile implies that you're keen on them. While I was briefly on Tinder, I stumbled upon my ex's profile, and it turned out that he had already "super-liked" me. Subsequently, he sent me despairing texts, most likely through the messaging app, regarding my presence on Tinder. I found it hard to comprehend why I was in the wrong, especially since he was also on the app.

7. Having Our Mutual Friends Talked To Me On His Behalf

On a few instances, our uninformed friends attempted to act as intermediaries in his favor. For instance, they claimed they would collect an item on his behalf that didn't rightfully belong to him. They believed that our breakup was fairly typical, with both parties equally at fault, without realizing that they were enabling my ex to harass me during a time when I was striving to move forward. However, after being enlightened about the situation, they did what they could to persuade him to cease contact with me.

8. Showing Up At My House

Undoubtedly, this behavior constitutes stalking, and it's not acceptable! Even though I didn't feel endangered, I had the right to summon the authorities to make him depart. He came to my residence several times uninvited, prompting me to contemplate pursuing a restraining order. Fortunately, he appeared at my place when my intimidating friend was present, and they had a discussion on the porch, after which my ex never visited again.

9. Calling Me From Jail

One morning, I received multiple voicemails informing me that an incarcerated individual was attempting to reach me. Since I didn't know anyone in jail who would be calling me, I ignored the messages. However, later that night, my ex texted me from his father's phone, indicating that he had called and that he was okay now. It seemed he had spent the night in county jail, but I'm still unaware of why he was there to begin with.

10. Attempting A "final" Goodbye

I could have been wealthy if I had a nickel for every time he declared that he wouldn't contact me again, complete with dramatic farewells and insincere wishes for my well-being. I believe it was just a ploy to manipulate me into responding to him, as he was searching for "closure" and such. Additionally, his messages frequently contained suicide threats, which he never followed through on. I never responded to him, and after nearly a year of harassment, he eventually stopped contacting me.