I Am Worth More Than You Are Willing To Give Me

I may not consider myself the most attractive woman in the world, but I am aware of my worth, and it surpasses what you are offering me. Instead of treating me poorly, you should treat me like royalty. I deserve better treatment than what I am currently receiving from you.

1. I Deserve Attention

Sending me the occasional text message is not enough for me. To satisfy my needs, I require phone conversations and face-to-face interactions with you. However, it seems that you are unwilling to fulfill these desires of mine.


2. I Deserve Eye Candy

Have you any idea how much time and money I invest in my appearance? From makeup to hair dye to waxing strips, I spend a significant amount. As a gesture of appreciation, I expect you to dress up a bit more when we go out on dates. Simply wearing a clean shirt is not enough. Consider wearing a vest or tie to show that you put in some effort.


3. I Deserve To Be Your Only One

I am exhausted from feeling like I am in a competition with other women. It is critical to me that I am the sole object of your affection. Please do not stare at my best friend's behind and make me feel inferior.

4. I Deserve To Express My Emotions

It would be preferable if you did not roll your eyes when I express my disappointment with you. I want you to give me your full attention and make a sincere effort to remedy the issue. Listening to what I have to say is the first step.


5. I Deserve To Orgasm

It's important to remember that sex is a two-way street. While you may be focused on your own pleasure, it's important to ensure that your partner is also satisfied. Both parties should be able to experience orgasm and feel fulfilled. After all, sex is a shared experience.

6. I Deserve To Know What's Going On In Your Life

I don't desire a monosyllabic response regarding your day when you arrive home from work. Rather, I crave a thorough description of your snobbish colleagues and insufferable superior. Allow me to enter your world.


7. I Deserve To Feel Beautiful

I appreciate honesty, even if it means hearing that I don't look my best. Don't compliment me just to flatter me. However, when you genuinely like something I'm wearing or how I've done my hair and makeup, let me know. It makes me feel special and confident, like the most beautiful woman in the room.

8. I Deserve To Be Comfortable

I shouldn't have to dress up in revealing clothes or uncomfortable high heels just to please you. Sometimes I want to be comfortable and wear sweatpants without makeup. If you can't accept me for who I am, then you're not the right person for me.


9. I Deserve To Feel Included

While I understand the importance of spending time with your friends, it would mean a lot if you included me in your plans sometimes. Invite me out with your buddies on the weekends or introduce me to your family over dinner. I want to feel like an important part of your life, not just an afterthought.

10. I Deserve Romance

Demonstrating grand romantic gestures such as beddings filled with rose petals and trips to the Eiffel Tower are not what I require. I only ask for the occasional thoughtful date to prove that you are willing to do anything to bring joy to me.


11. I Deserve Someone Who Actually Gives A Crap

I do not wish to have another idle partner who anticipates me to handle all the duties while they laze around. My desire is to find an individual who is willing to put forth as much effort into our partnership as I am. If not, I would prefer to remain single.