I Am Single But Not Quite Ready To Mingle


My single status has been going on for some time now. I don't dwell on it too much and honestly, I don't mind being single. Unlike some of my single friends who despise solitude and yearn for a significant other, I have a contrasting view. While I do want a long-term relationship at some point, for now, I am content with where I am in life. Here are my reasons why:

1. I Like Having My Freedom

Many of my friends who are in relationships tend to constantly check-in with their partners, letting them know their whereabouts and activities. I find this to be an unnecessary burden. I have no interest in feeling obligated to report my every move to someone else. While I understand that it's a basic consideration in dating, I prefer to maintain my independence.


2. I've Learned To Enjoy My Alone Time

Curling up with a good book on the beach or binge-watching a show on Netflix are some of my favorite pastimes. And guess what? I don't need a partner to enjoy those hobbies. I've even started taking myself out on dinner-and-a-movie dates. Go me!

3. I'm Afraid I Won't Like Myself In A Relationship

I've witnessed people change completely when they get into a relationship, and I don't want that to happen to me. Losing my friends or family is not something I am willing to risk. While change is often positive, I'm not willing to take that chance just yet.


4. I Don't Want To Date Someone On My Level

Daily, I'm committed to self-improvement. I regularly go to the gym to sculpt my ideal body, work hard at my job to become a boss, and save money to travel and indulge in things I deserve. I believe that before I date anyone, I need to be at the level that I want to be. It's best to focus on ourselves and come together later if we're meant to be.


5. I Feel Like Dating Is Way Too Exhausting

Getting a large French vanilla iced latte is a daily habit for me. However, if I add dating into my routine, I would need twice as much caffeine to keep up. Trying to impress someone and keep up with conversations seems too draining. I prefer to reserve my energy for more meaningful activities.

6. My Friends Have Set Really Bad Examples

It makes me anxious when I see how quickly some people's relationships turn sour. They seem to go from being madly in love to loathing each other in no time. While I know that not every relationship is like this, witnessing too many failures has left me feeling apprehensive about investing my time and emotions.


7. I Don't Know What I'm Looking For

Being single has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself. However, I still haven't identified the specific qualities I desire in a partner. Although dating is supposed to help me in this regard, I feel uncertain about where to start. As a result, I'm currently not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship.


8. I'm Scared My Heart Will Get Broken

The thought of experiencing intense emotional pain scares me. Is it worth taking the risk? To prevent getting hurt, I prefer to remain single. I believe that dating has the potential to cause more harm than good. Therefore, I'd rather not go through the trouble and pain of a failed relationship.

9. I Don't Want To Settle For The Sake Of Not Being Alone

My concern about dating is that I might settle for less than I deserve simply to end the dating chaos. This would not benefit either of us since I am unsure of what I want in a partner.


10. I Hate The Idea That You Can't Be Happy To Be Single

The assumption that being single means you're actively seeking a relationship is flawed. It's not true that you can't be happy without a partner. As someone who is currently living life solo, I can attest that being single isn't a terrible fate. It's simply a phase of life that I'm choosing to embrace and enjoy.