I Am Not Your Yo-Yo — If You Want To Be With Me, Be Consistent


One of the most frustrating games played in the dating world is the "yo-yo" technique where a guy shows intense interest one day, then becomes aloof the next, and then repeats the cycle. It's a pointless game that messes with our emotions and leaves us wondering where we stand. Unfortunately, it's a game that seems all too common in the dating world. But let me make this clear, if you think this technique is going to win me over, then you're better off pursuing someone with lower standards.


1. I Need Consistency In My Life

No more games. Either commit or leave. Don't be the guy who shows interest when it's convenient, then disappears when things get real. It's okay if you're not ready for a serious relationship, but don't expect me to come running back to you when you change your mind.

2. I'd Rather Be Single Than Be Treated Like A Plaything

If you think a half-baked relationship is enough to keep me around, think again. Being single may not be ideal, but it's far better than being with someone who believes they can push me away and reel me back in whenever they please.


3. If This Is Your Way Of Making Me More Attached To You, It's Not Going To Work

Some guys play this game as a power play or to make women crave them more by giving them a taste of what a relationship could be like. But if you try that with me, you'll realize I'm better at this game. Pushing me away won't make me want you more - it'll just make me walk away from you faster.


4. I Don't Deal With Guys Who Mess With My Emotions

I must confess that I used to tolerate men who treated me as if I was replaceable, but those days are long gone. Now, I am older, wiser, and have a much lower tolerance for this kind of nonsense. The moment you start fluctuating between being hot and cold with me, I'm kicking you out of my life.

5. If You Push Me Away, I'm Not Going To Beg For You To Pull Me Back

You may think I'm going to chase after you, but you're mistaken. Every time you pull away and then come back, it's just a way for you to stroke your own ego. You're hoping that I'll be the one to reach out to you and make you feel important again, but I'm not playing that game. Instead, I'm going to call you out on your disrespectful behavior.


6. I'm Too Old For This Crap

I can't believe I'm in my mid-twenties and still dealing with someone who hasn't learned basic human interaction. While I understand that I may have to sift through a few more duds before finding someone worthwhile, the yo-yo technique is so juvenile that it's hard to believe there are still men out there who think it's acceptable.


7. I'm A Human Being, Not A Toy

Treating me like an object that can be put away and taken out whenever you feel like it is not acceptable. If you're the kind of guy who thinks I'm disposable and can be ignored whenever you're bored, then you're seriously mistaken.

8. I Refuse To Date A Guy Who Can't Figure Out If He Wants Me Or Not

I won't waste my time playing guessing games about whether or not you'll reach out to me. If you can't make up your mind about how you feel, then I'll make the decision for you and leave. I'm confident in myself and won't settle for someone who can't see my worth.


9. I Deserve A Man Who Always Wants Me Around

I may not be flawless, but I possess enough admirable qualities to be valued as a priority and not just an alternative. If you believe that I cannot find someone superior to you, I would be more than pleased to demonstrate otherwise.

10. I Expect This Stuff From A Teenager, Not A Grown Man

If we were teenagers, you might have been able to pull off this game, but we're not. We're adults who have to make mature decisions about whether we want to pursue a relationship or move on. If you're playing these games with me, I know right away that you're not ready for a serious relationship.