I Am Not Wife Material And I Do Not Give A Damn

Many men wouldn't regard me as "wife material" as I'm not inclined towards the traditional housewife duties of cooking, cleaning, and simply existing as a decorative item. However, I have far more value than that narrow definition implies.

1. I Won't Pretend To Be Someone I'm Not

As a motivated woman, I am unwilling to alter my authentic self to conform to someone else's expectations. I refuse to fabricate an unrealistic persona just to secure a marriage proposal. Suppressing my beliefs and censoring my thoughts to appease someone's ego is unsustainable in the long term.

2. I'm Independent And Headstrong

I don't depend on my partner for financial support since I earn my own income and take care of my expenses independently. I am self-reliant and capable of dealing with household issues like killing cockroaches without calling out for a man's help. I enjoy having control over my schedule and wouldn't mind spending a Friday night at home watching Netflix and enjoying pizza. Additionally, I prefer not to be held accountable to anyone for making spontaneous, costly purchases. Hence, being single might be a better option for me.

3. I'm Not A Cliche

I lack the skills to whip up Instagram-worthy pancakes from scratch or prepare a flawlessly cooked steak. Breakfast in bed is not my style, and if it's the weekend, I'm more likely to sleep until noon. When my partner wakes up next to me, they may witness me with my mouth open, drooling, and sporting hair that resembles a bushy mess. I'm unapologetic about this fact.

4. I Believe That Marriage Is Teamwork

I believe in a 50/50 partnership when it comes to marriage, which includes sharing household duties. Collaborating in the kitchen to prepare meals can be an enjoyable activity. However, when I get married, I won't limit myself to just being a wife. I aspire to become my husband's best friend, a supportive confidant, and a partner in all of life's adventures. I won't assume the responsibilities of a mother or babysitter in our relationship.

5. I Don't Have Unrealistic Expectations

I don't expect my partner to be "hubby material" just as I don't consider myself "wife material." It's not necessary for him to be the sole breadwinner or the only supporter of our family. If we are meant to be together, we will complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. The roles in a relationship are flexible, and they evolve with time. Stereotypical norms do not have to define our dynamic.

6. I Don't Want To Settle For Less

I'd prefer to stay single than be with someone who belittles me. It's crucial for me to be with a man who values my ambitions and aspirations as much as his own. I won't tolerate a partner who expects me to abandon my job just because he believes he can support our family alone. I won't commit to anyone who asks me to give up my individuality after getting married to him. It's not something I'm willing to compromise on.

7. I Don't Even Want To Be Wife Material

Adopting this ideology is harmful to women who are already grappling with societal expectations of who they should be and what they should aspire to. I'm not interested in conforming to these standards. Instead, I want to channel my energy towards more meaningful pursuits because I'm capable of defining my goals in life. I don't need to fit into a predetermined mold to find a suitable partner. I refuse to compromise my true self just for the sake of finding a spouse. To achieve a fulfilling and joyful marriage, my partner must accept me for who I am.

8. I Won't Need To Be Anything But Myself With The Right Guy

When I do decide to tie the knot, I'll stand by my partner's side in all circumstances, whether in tough times or joyous moments. I'll be his rock through his darkest hours and rejoice with him during the brightest days. I'll offer him my protection, support, and unconditional love, and I'll allow him to reciprocate the same for me. My ideal partner will love me for who I am, and that's what I'm waiting for.

9. Where Does This Leave Me

While there are countless reasons why I may not fit the typical "wife material" mold, it doesn't mean that I'm not good enough for someone or that I'll be single forever or destined for divorce. I refuse to settle for someone who wants to control or change me into someone I'm not. I'll only consider marriage when I find someone who loves and accepts me for who I am. If that never happens, I'm content with living my life as it is.