I Am Fine With Being Single, I Just Do Not Want To Be Single FOREVER


The idea of being alone forever both fascinates and frightens me. Despite my genuine enjoyment of solitude, a nagging thought persists that I may never find a partner. Although I wish I could say I would be content with remaining single, I fear that may not be the case.

1. Forever Seems Like A Long Time

At present, my life is full of fulfilling activities such as work, hobbies, and a bustling social life. However, when I envision my future, the prospect of being perpetually single leaves me with a sense of incompleteness. Although I am content with my current routine, the idea of spending every day alone for the rest of my life is not something I relish.

2. Dating Is Exhausting

It would be great to not have to deal with online dating, blind dates, hookups, ghosting, and the uncertainty of whether he will ask me out again. Although getting to know someone new can be thrilling, it can also be nerve-wracking and disappointing when it doesn't lead anywhere. I'm eagerly anticipating the day when I won't feel obliged to be on Tinder anymore.

3. It Does Get Lonely

Without a doubt, I enjoy watching TV alone on my couch at the end of a long workday, and I don't mind ordering takeout on Saturdays and relaxing with a good book. However, there are times when I wish I had someone to go out to eat with or watch a horror movie together. While I enjoy doing many things alone, I still crave companionship on some days.

4. I Can Be Set In My Ways

Being single suits me fine on a day to day basis as I have established a good routine and enjoy doing things by myself. However, I often contemplate how challenging it would be to adjust to someone else's lifestyle in the long run. Being in a relationship requires compromise, which I believe is essential to learn. But after being single for an extended period, it becomes increasingly difficult to be flexible.

5. I Would Like To Have Children

While I am capable of raising children on my own, it is not an ideal situation. Single parenthood can be challenging, and I would prefer to be in a relationship with the father of my children if possible. As a woman in my 30s, I am aware that my biological clock is ticking louder each passing year, making it necessary to consider my options carefully.

6. Being Single Is Fun… Except When It's Not

I enjoy meeting new people and going on dates, as well as having the freedom to do what I want and focusing on my interests. However, attending weddings without a date is not enjoyable for me, as I often feel like the fifth wheel among my friends and their partners. It can be disheartening to wonder if I will ever find someone, so although I generally appreciate being single, it's not without its challenges.

7. Being In Love Is Pretty Amazing

It's natural to desire someone in your life who is not only a romantic partner but also a close friend and sexual partner. While love can bring pain if it ends, most people believe the risk is worth taking. The possibility of finding a companion who fulfills all of these roles is worth the potential heartache in the end.

8. I Don't Like The Feeling Of Being "The Single One"

When I'm the only one among my peers who is single, it can feel strange and almost abnormal. Although I know there's nothing wrong with being single, I sometimes sense that those who are in relationships feel a bit sorry for me. While they might envy my freedom at times, I don't believe they'd swap places with me if given the choice.

9. I'm Not Even Expecting A Lifelong Love

It's common to fall into the trap of seeking the "one and only" to settle down with and never worry about dating again. However, I'm unsure if this is a realistic expectation. Perhaps I'll fall in love a few more times, and that's okay. As long as I have the chance to experience a happy relationship at some point, I don't need it to last until my dying day.

10. I'm Afraid I'll Have To Settle

As time goes on and I remain single, I start to worry that I may become desperate and settle for the first man who shows interest. However, I am not looking for just anyone; I want someone who is truly compatible with me and can enhance my life. I wonder if waiting for the perfect match will leave me alone forever.

11. I Do Like A Lot Of Time Alone

Maintaining my mental well-being requires time alone, and being in a relationship could impede that. Currently, I am able to enjoy as much solitary time as I desire. Nevertheless, if I were to pursue a relationship, I understand that I would have to sacrifice some of this independence. Despite my reluctance, I would be willing to compromise for the right partner.

12. It's Scary To Think That There's No Guarantee I'll Find Someone

Many of us find comfort in the belief that there's a perfect match for everyone, and the possibility of ending up alone is remote. However, it's not impossible. If settling down isn't my cup of tea and I find being single fulfilling, then finding love and committing to a relationship may never be on my agenda. Nevertheless, if I truly desire to experience love, I must make a conscious effort at some point, but I'm not quite ready for that step yet.