I Am Finally Moving Away From You Because You Have Never Given Me Any Reason To Stay

I Am Finally Moving Away From You Because You Have Never Given Me Any Reason To Stay

Relationships require love, attention, and effort to keep going. Unfortunately, the efforts from just one person cannot keep it running.

As the chemistry and valued bonding between us faded, I found out how much you cared about saving it. After all, relationships are about forgiving the flaws and mistakes and putting in efforts to revive the bonding. Honestly, I'm done being the only person to be doing that.

The support, respect, commitment, dedication, and admiration, all that we had in the initial phase of our relationship seems to have disappeared. The change is not an overnight thing, remember that. All throughout my struggles, you failed to pay heed to the damages you have been causing.

Whoever taught you to take things lightly did not mention that relationships had to be taken extra care of. After all that I have done to save this relationship, it only makes me feel like a one-sided lover and as if we were never in a relationship from the first place. How many times did I request you to stop for a moment, take a look at the damage that's been happening? How many times did I try to explain the insecurities you are giving me? Or at least, do you remember telling me how much love and respect I deserve when we started all of this?

During the difficult times, the actual situations, you failed to ask me what was wrong. You did nothing to make me feel okay. Maybe, you thought if I keep calling you a hundred times and you won't attend because you were scared to face our relationship issues, I will be fixed. Well, you know what. Well done! You no longer have to invest any time in this relationship.

The way it all started, I never expected I'd be put in a situation wherein I have to decide between my peace of mind and this relationship. Let me be crystal clear. I'm moving away, and the sole reason is that you didn't give me one reason to stay here. I accept all the struggles, all the challenges, and all that comes along with a relationship, but only with you beside me.

Don't look at me surprised or ask me why my future plans don't include you. I can't stand in an illusion and call it a relationship or dream about a future there. After such a long time of treating me like an option you may or may not use, you must be really tired. Take a rest from me.

I have to appreciate your talent of making a strong, determined woman feel like she's not enough.

I have realized how much better life would be without you. I have finally understood all those practical problems you thought that'd ruin the relationship. There is no point wasting time on you. I can't believe I have been silly enough to have been through the pain for someone who cares the least.

You have broken your promises and hurt me way beyond what I ever could have expected. One day when you understand I was the one and you should have treated me in the right sense, remember you can't barge into my life anymore and realize someone is treating me well and good.