I Am Done With Guys That Text But Never Call

My stance is that texting may be enjoyable and thrilling when initially getting to know someone, but my expectations change when I desire to pursue a relationship with the person. At this point, I require the individual to pick up the phone and call me. If they are unable or unwilling to do so, it indicates to me that we are not compatible for a future together.

1. Contrary To Calling, Texting Can Mean Several Things

If a guy calls me, it demonstrates to me that he is truly interested in me. Although we may not end up together in the long run, we are more likely to meet up and assess our compatibility over coffee. Texting, on the other hand, may be a result of boredom or uncertainty, without a clear motive. It comes across as being lethargic, and I do not want to waste my time on such behavior.

2. I Need A Guy Who Knows What He Wants

Texting typically leads to useless conversations that do not necessarily result in a date. People who waste time are often fond of texting since it allows them to dodge direct questions, postpone commitments, and drag things out without any real progress. A man who calls me is being forthright and upfront, demonstrating decisiveness.

3. A Guy Who Calls Shows Me He Has A Life

His time is just as valuable as mine, and he won't waste it with unclear text messages. Instead, he takes charge and calls when he needs to communicate something. I desire a man who can lead, not someone who waits for others to make the first move.

4. Texting Is The Ultimate Booty Call Tool

Feeling aroused at 3 a.m. and wanting a sexual encounter? It's common to send a text to a friend with benefits or a hookup partner. Men enjoy sexting when they're horny and looking for someone to engage in dirty talk with. However, unless a man is inebriated, he would never phone me in the middle of the night to chat about his sexual fantasies. Regardless, calling someone exhibits more respect and dignity than texting.

5. Calling Is A Sign Of Maturity

The distinction between texting and calling is related to a man's maturity. Calling is a grown-up thing to do, and not all men can act like adults. Remember, boys text while men call. I'm not saying he can't send a quick message if he's in a situation where calling isn't possible, but texting as the primary mode of communication is juvenile and unsuitable for mature men.

6. Confident Guys Aren't Afraid To Call

Writing messages is much more convenient than having an actual conversation with someone, and I understand why many people prefer it. However, calling someone shows that you have a positive attitude towards relationships and indicates an extroverted personality. Additionally, calling and asking someone out is more attractive than sending a text message that may not be read promptly.

7. It Just Shows Me I'm A Priority

It's important to be realistic - if a guy is genuinely interested, he won't hesitate to call. A phone call is more effective than texting when it comes to getting your message across quickly. While texting can be playful and enjoyable, if a guy only sends flirty texts without calling within 3-4 messages, it's a sign that he isn't serious about seeing you.

8. In Many Cases, Calling Is Evidence Someone Is 100 Percent Available

When I say that a guy should be single, I don't just mean it in the official sense. I mean he should be emotionally unburdened, without any complicated relationships or casual hookups that he's in denial about. Men who aren't fully available tend to prefer texting because it allows them to remain ambiguous and buy time while they're busy with other things or other women in their lives.

9. All The Crappy Relationship Trends Are Somehow Linked To Writing Texts And Not Speaking To Each Other Directly

Our reliance on social media and messaging has given rise to toxic relationship trends like breadcrumbing, ghosting, and love bombing. But imagine if we couldn't hide behind screens and had to speak to each other directly. In such a scenario, we would probably avoid a lot of unnecessary drama and meaningless conversations, as no one would have the patience or energy to engage in such behavior over the phone.

10. I'm More Likely To Respond In A Positive Way To A Phone Call Anyway

While texts are convenient, calls hold more value in any relationship. Even if I'm not entirely sure about a guy, I appreciate it when he calls to ask me out. On the other hand, a lackluster text message might not even warrant a reply.

11. I Just Need Clarity, Not Mixed Messages

I'm tired of trying to decipher mixed messages and subtle hints. Text messages are often open to interpretation, and I don't have the energy to deal with so much ambiguity. Either a guy likes me or he doesn't. If he's uncertain, he shouldn't reach out in the first place.