I Am Done Trying To Find Love And Life Has Never Been Better


Throughout my adult life, it seems as though I've spent the majority of my time seeking love. Despite all of my efforts, I have only encountered frustration and disappointment. Eventually, you have to throw in the towel and say "screw it" to avoid the same cycle of nonsense. After my last dating mishap, I decided to stop searching for love and enjoy my life as it is. To be honest, I wish I had made that decision sooner, as my life has never been better.


1. I'm No Longer Obsessed With Dating Apps

Previously, when I found myself bored and alone at home without plans, I would spend my time mindlessly swiping through a sea of faces with the hope of finding "The One." However, this only resulted in rejection, meaningless dates, and encounters with players whom I wish I'd never met. Now, I'm no longer attached to my phone, and I'm utilizing my time more effectively, like by watching Supernatural continuously. Hey there, Jensen Ackles!


2. I Actually Enjoy Going Out Socially

Nowadays, I prefer going out with my friends rather than endlessly swiping through dating apps in search of the perfect guy. I'm more open to the idea of serendipity and believe that a natural connection could happen at any moment.

3. Meeting Guys In Real Life Feels Natural And Amazing

Although I don't meet as many men in real life as I used to, it's a refreshing change from the forced small talk I had to endure while actively seeking a connection online. Even if nothing comes of it, it's a pleasant surprise that keeps my hope for finding the right person alive.


4. I Don't Feel Rejection The Same Way

In the past, I felt crushed when I was ghosted or ended things with someone who was never really committed to me. I'd see them still searching for someone else while I was left wondering what was wrong with me. But now, that's no longer a part of my life. I don't obsess over it or overanalyze it. I'm just living my life again.


5. I'm Focusing Even More On My Passions

I am now able to allocate more time towards the activities that bring me joy and fulfillment. Instead of going on numerous first dates, I am able to prioritize spending quality time with my loved ones. I am now able to dedicate more time towards my friends, family, physical fitness, and engaging in activities that I truly enjoy, such as writing this article.


6. I Don't Feel Like I'm Competing Anymore

It used to upset me seeing a guy I was happily dating still online, browsing other profiles. I am tired of the notion that something better is always out there. Now, I am the hidden gem that you will not come across on Tinder. You will have to genuinely make an effort to reach me, and it feels fantastic.

7. I'm Happy Being Alone

When I was actively searching for love and finding no success, being single felt even more miserable. However, when you stop looking for love and let fate run its course, you begin to appreciate yourself and your life genuinely - even if you remain single.


8. I Have More Energy For Those Good Connections I Find

Should I happen to meet a new man, I am now able to emit more positive energy and enthusiasm. My previous feelings of deflation and exhaustion in searching have disappeared as I've stopped actively seeking a partner. I've begun to let fate take its course.

9. If It Doesn't Happen, I'm Fine On My Own

Ultimately, I have learned to achieve genuine and complete happiness without being in a romantic relationship. I have ceased to torment myself over being rejected or being ghosted by another man. Although these unfortunate events may still occur, I am better equipped to cope with them. My current focus is on myself and everything that brings me joy. I am no longer actively searching for love, but rather, content with my current state of happiness. Should love find me one day, that's wonderful. But, if not, I am already fulfilled.