I Am An Introvert, So If You Want To Date Me, This Is What I Need From You

It's important to understand that my desire to skip the party doesn't mean I'm upset or ignoring you. As an introvert, I prefer calm and peaceful settings that nourish the soul. To be with me, it's necessary to recognize that I have certain needs.

1. I Need To Go Slowly

I'm not interested in a whirlwind romance. I prefer to take things slowly, giving myself enough time to think things through before making any decisions. Being someone who likes to contemplate, please don't try to hurry me along. It's important to understand that my steady pace doesn't indicate commitment phobia or a lack of interest. If we're meant to be together, there's no need to rush; we have our whole lives.


2. I Need To Avoid Grandiose Romantic Gestures In Public

Public displays of affection, such as holding hands or a kiss, are acceptable. However, if you decide to surprise me on my birthday by having the restaurant staff sing "Happy Birthday" and draw attention to me, I would find it overwhelming. Being in the spotlight makes me uncomfortable, and although I appreciate the kind gesture, I would feel embarrassed and unable to handle the situation.


3. I Need Downtime On My Calendar

I prefer having a small social circle as it allows for meaningful conversations without the need to shout over loud music. If you enjoy partying and being around a large group of people every weekend, we may not be compatible as friends.

4. I Hate Conflict, So I Need Peace

Checking in with me regularly is a good idea to ensure that I am not bottling up any stress or emotions. I tend to avoid confrontation when I am upset, so it's important for me to have a peaceful relationship without constant fighting.


5. I Need Non-Sexual Intimacy

While physical intimacy is important, I also value emotional connection and sharing my personal values with my partner. This deeper connection is essential for me.

6. Be Patient — I Need Time To Be Romantic

Although I can be shy, I am willing to be romantic with some time and patience. I do not easily express my affection, but when I do, it is because it is meaningful and genuine.


7. I Need You To Not Take Advantage Of The Fact That I'm A Good Listener

Although I am always willing to lend an ear, please do not treat me like your personal therapist. Being an introvert, I may not openly share much about myself, but that does not imply that you shouldn't try to know me better.

8. I Need Time For Myself

Clingy individuals make me anxious, and I cannot tolerate them. I require my personal space to recharge and pursue my interests. I believe that you need that time as well, and I am happy to provide it. It is essential for my happiness and well-being.


9. I Need You To Be Okay With The Fact That I'll Never Be A Social Butterfly

I enjoy socializing and have friends, but I cannot attend every social gathering on your calendar. Please don't try to change me or force me out of my shell. Accept me for who I am, or we cannot have a healthy relationship.

10. I Need You To Stop Asking Me If I'm Okay

Just because I cherish quiet moments and tend to be reserved, it does not indicate that anything is wrong. Please do not ask me repeatedly if I am upset or angry. I do not feel the need to talk all the time, and that is just part of who I am.


11. I Need Alone Time With You

While group dates can be enjoyable, it is crucial for me to have exclusive one-on-one time with you if we are going to pursue a relationship. This personal time is essential for me to feel at ease and get to know you better, especially since I am an introvert who treasures private moments.

12. I Don't Do Fake, So I Need You To Give Me Something Real

It's not that I dislike socializing, but I can see through a lot of social interactions and find them insincere. I dislike being in situations where I have to pretend or put on a fake smile that hurts my cheeks. I'm not interested in small talk; be genuine with me, or don't bother being with me at all.