I Am All About Making The First Move With Guys But They Do Not Seem To Like It

I have always heard guys say they prefer it when women initiate contact, but my own experiences have proven otherwise. Whenever I've made the first move, men have either rejected me or become frightened. I don't understand why this happens! Therefore, I have decided to stop making the first move altogether.

1. They Say They Like It But They Really Don't

I have yet to encounter a relationship where the woman made the initial approach. Many men have claimed that they enjoy when women take the initiative because it indicates interest. I understand why they might appreciate this in theory because many men are lazy when it comes to dating. However, in reality, men are not as enthusiastic about women making the first move.

2. If I Leave My Number, They Don't Call

I have been in many situations where I have been convinced that a guy was flirting with me. At times, I have even left my number for these men, none of whom ever called. They were either already in relationships and simply flirting for amusement or my directness eliminated the thrill of the chase, causing them to lose interest.

3. If I Make The First Move, They Run Away

Despite my best efforts to appear confident, secure, and collected, I have never been successful when initiating contact with men. I am an attractive woman with an excellent personality and many appealing qualities, but it seems that men are not interested in straightforward women like myself. Regardless of what I do, approaching men first never seems to work out.

4. If I Ask For Their Numbers, I Start Off On The Wrong Foot

There have been times when I grew impatient with men and confronted them for not putting in enough effort. However, this approach always backfires as I end up with passive guys who expect me to do all the work. Consequently, I get stuck with someone who fails to stimulate me emotionally.

5. My Aggression Only Gets Me Lazy Men

If a man isn't willing to put in any effort during the initial stages of wooing me, I consider him to be bad news. I don't believe in the notion that guys are too shy to ask women out. Whenever I've made the first move, I've scared off timid guys. Thus, such men are not my type.

6. I'm Terrible At Reading A Guy's Intentions

There have been numerous instances where I've wrongly interpreted a man's intentions towards me. Often, I assume that he's interested, only to find out that he's already taken and is just being friendly. Perhaps, attached men are more open and friendly because they're secure in their relationships. As for me, I'm too nervous to initiate anything and potentially make a fool of myself.

7. I'm Tired Of Trying And Getting Let Down

I'm done with making the first move. I've attempted it for years, and it has never worked out for me. It fails to attract the kind of man I desire. I want a man who genuinely wants to be with me and isn't hesitant to express it. Thus, I won't force myself to date any man that piques my interest.

8. Whenever I Try To Send Signals, I Fail Miserably

Being a good flirt is not my forte, and I accept that. I don't intend to change myself to attract a man. What I desire is a man who loves me for who I am - a strong, independent woman who also wants her partner to take the lead. I require a partner who is my equal and making the first move usually results in finding someone who is passive and lazy.

9. I Try To Flirt But Men Never Respond To It

It's apparent that my attempts to flirt are futile since I never seem to make any progress. When I'm attracted to someone, I tend to become shy and awkward. Even when I try to project confidence and sexiness, it rarely leads to anything. Making the first move usually attracts men who only want to have a physical relationship, which is not what I'm seeking.

10. I Push The Agenda Because I Get Frustrated

There have been times when I have gone extended periods without any attention from men, and it's pushed me to be aggressive. Although I despise this approach, I believe that waiting for men to approach me is not getting me anywhere. However, calling out men for not responding to me is not an effective strategy either. I've discovered that if they're not responsive in the first place, urging them to take action is only a temporary solution. I've realized that waiting for the right man who will woo me is my best option.